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Otherside conversion

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22 minutes ago, CaptianEinsteinAlucard said:

Is there any good method or way to convert the miniatures and stats from the other side into through the breach?


I assume you just mean profiles, since through the breach doesn't need miniatures and if you do use them, it's the same as a malifaux miniature. 

I don't know of anything that has appeared in both yet to give you a guide. If you can convert a malifaux profile, it's probably not to different to convert a TOS profile. 

You get speed defence and willpower as stats ( and armour which may strongly relate to toughness for many models). I would probably base a character on the glory side to convert abilities and actions, but I think it's just try and find similar effects to what the card says. The TOS profile is even more combat based than a malifaux profile, so you might need to invent flavoursome abilities that aren't so combat related. 

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