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Drowned's Undertow Timing


Hey, this question came up in a recent game:


A Drowned uses Projectile Vomit and declares the Undertow trigger, having multiple enemy modells within 3'' Pulse of the dropped Riptide marker.

Who gets to decide the order in which the enemy modells are pushed towards the marker?


Reading the timing rules I'd say that the Drowned creates an effect affecting multiple enemy modells. So the owner of the affected modells gets to choose the order. Is that correct?

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I would play it the same way as you.

Page 34 simultaneous effects is the relevant rule. So the owner of the models being moved gets to move them in the order they wish, possibly blocking movement paths.

I would play that you measure all those affected (because a pulse is instant) and then you move, though, so no moving to block LOS to block the pulse effects.

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