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Yes and no?  No, I wouldn't take a 'should' in the rule book as a hard and fast rule or refuse to play on a table with buildings larger than 6" on a side...

That said, I think I've permanently boxed all my buildings that are over 6 inches as I don't think they add that much to the game.  Maybe it's just the tables I've played on with big terrain on em, they usually lack other terrain types (scatter, concealing, severe, dense, etc) and don't follow the terrain % rules, so they ended up being a shooting gallery with few options to move around it / etc.

Larger pieces of terrain (like fences / considering all forests severe / etc) also tend to favor flight/incorpeal teams. So I like having areas of good/bad for everyone rather than 1/2 the board favoring one build style.

In the end, it's your table and I'd say do what you and your players like. If they complain about a certain piece of terrain, maybe it's time to seek other options.  But if they like it and it has the right % of terrain (some is just bigger), why worry too much?

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Disclaimer, I only set up terrain for casual play.

When if a building is impassible I keep the 6" max size. If you can enter the building I'm fine with it being bigger. However I also have my own personal rule that all enterable buildings have at least 2 doors. I find them super boring to play with otherwise.

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The thing about large buildings is that you end up having to either build accommodations into them so that models can get around or through them easily (and remember, base sizes run 30 to 50mm), or otherwise design the table around them.  And then, you’re going to end up with a section of the table that heavily favors some models over others.

I mean, hell, you can play Malifaux on an Infinity style urban table if you really want, but it’s not going to a great idea most of the time.


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