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Using Wyrd IPs


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Hey folks!

As a company, we absolutely want the community to enjoy our games as well as exercise your creative styles and twists that you bring to it. That being said, that ugly little thing we call Intellectual Property (IP) needs to be kept in mind when you are customizing your experience by creating your own artwork, markers, or any number of things that mimic the works we have created. Enjoy yourself, but be smart about it, please!

As a company, it is important that we protect our IP and rights. Years of work from a horde of individuals has gone into the company and all of our productions and thus we want to make sure that our IPs are being represented and used correctly, ensuring that there are many more enjoyable years to come. 

Our IP is comprised of, but not limited to, such things as the logos, names, places, and representations found within our games and their game-verse. Should you wish to request the use of copyright, please download this form, fill it out, and send it along for us to consider. Under no circumstances does the lack of a reply from us constitute permission. If you have not heard back from us, it is your responsibility to reach back out to us. 

Here are some simple rules about using our IP:

  • Personal use only. Not for sale, circulation, or to be given out to others under any circumstances.
  • At no time are you able to sell creations utilizing Wyrd's IP. 
  • Got a great idea and want to share or give away your creation (such as Fate Decks), you must submit a Copyright Use Request form well in advance of doing so. *Please note samples may be required. 

Simply put, when in doubt, ask. It's much easier to get permission than it is to backtrack out of the legal hole you may have unfortunately dug. We don't want to be 'those guys' either, so help us out here! Contacting customer service is just a click away,  Contact Us!

Thank you.



Wyrd Copyright Use Form 2020.pdf

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