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Upgrade differences between 1st and 2nd Edition

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Hello everyone, to be as brief as possible, I'm confused on how upgrades work between 2nd edition and 1st edition splatbooks (e.g. Steam, Bayou, etc).

The confusion comes from how in 2nd edition, in the upgrades section it states that fated have 2 upgrades they can spend on their characters. Yet, in the splatbooks it mentions that players get 1 (as 1st only gave you one).

Do fated naturally get 2 because we're playing 2nd edition and that retcons the previous versions? Or, is it because they would normally get 1 from the tarot they're using, they only get 1?

Thank you.

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The number of upgrades is tied to the book a player uses to create their character, which is by intentional design. There are various buffs avaialble in each book, and the "bonus" is one of them.

Simply, using the main rulebook is slightly incentivised because their are no options for playing Invested/Stitched/Guild-Aligned characters.

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It might be better to say that each of the books (main rulebook, and each of the supplements) specifies a different tarot for generating a character.

If you use the main book's tarot, you get two upgrades.  If you use one of the supplement's tarot, you get one upgrade (as specified in those tarots) but you also have backgrounds and perks that aren't present in the core rulebook's tarot process.


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