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Rotten Harvest 2020 Announcement!

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1 hour ago, Nathan Caroland said:

Submit it to where you feel it fits best - if the gallery moderator feels otherwise, they will reach out to you and get it sorted.

Single or collages only please - if you're submitting 20 different photos, only one will be accepted. 

cool, thanks!

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On 10/14/2020 at 6:53 AM, Doc Lead said:

Hi there, 

Have a question... I'm making a halloween themed porch scene using the three changelings. Where would that fit since most of the categories stipulate individual models, and, as far as I understood, the diorama event is reserved for the "goodies"? 

And can the diorama category include exhibits that are not strictly halloween themed, e.g. the 1988 crew? 

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately the changeling scene will either need one scenic base, or somehow fit the theme of the dioramas. 

As long as you can make a spooky scene, the individual models can be from whatever set you want.

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On 10/25/2020 at 9:47 AM, Nathan Sells said:

If one's interested in submitting a photo to a category, and also participating in "Show Your Support" would we have to comment on our own photos to preserve anonymity?

In a similar vein, I assume we should wait until after the contest has officially ended to reply to any comments on submitted works?

yes, comment on all of them please! you can begin commenting as soon as all of the galleries are visible. :)

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