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Vassal World Championship needs you!


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Hi all


I have a new project starting soon once the Vassal World Cup has died down and the dust has settled. Starting in November of this year, I am spearheading the organization of a series of international Malifaux tournaments that will culminate in a World Championship in 2021. This is a much larger project than even the VWC and I need your help! 


I have gathered a small group that is planning the series and I’m looking for more Tournament Organisers from around the world to help us run qualifier events. We are especially looking for organizers from Europe, since we don’t yet have any continental representation.

Your responsibility as a TO would be to coordinate scheduling, pairings and such for 1 or 2 events as part of the series, plus the opportunity to contribute to the planning committee if you’d like. There is no requirement for you to be a “Henchman” or even to have run events before as we have a team to support and assist with all aspects of the event. The planning committee is coordinating on game modes and game rulings in order that consistent rulings are upheld throughout the series. 


So if you’re a long time henchman wanting to try your hand at TOing on a worldwide scale on vassal or someone who just wants to try their hand at something new and think this is something you can help with please let me know. 


Dan Brown and the Vassal World Championship Team

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