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daniel sprayberry

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I'm not sure how intentional it is but the various factions and characters in Malifuax seem to all have historical or mythological counterparts. It has been especially interesting for me as I do research for my dissertation I have had to learn the history of the rail road. I keep finding little things that seem to be tips of the hat to historical events. So of the ones I haven't seen yet (I'm only gotten threw episode 40 in Breachside Broadcast so keep that in mind) some of the major events or organizations I'm hoping to see are the Pinkerton Detective Agency and their turn from workers rights to worker suppression, some minion to represent the Irish Navvy , and the boom of business empires like JP Morgan and Standard Oil ( I know the time line is a bit off but the steam punk vibe makes me think 1900s). Dealing with the apparent multidimensional nature of the world would be cool too. Like are we dealing with two dimensions on the same timeline or a string theory sorta thing? With the library of things and how it worked out the option on pocket dimensions are apparently a thing.

I want to hear about anyone's local history or urban legends  they would like to see made into a character or story arch or just general musings on the base mechanics of breachside.

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Two dimensions, same timeline.

Not sure how much they'd want to delve into alt history for alt history's sake. They seem content to make connections when it's a plot point for the story. 

If you wanna do a fanfic about Joe MacGarrack drinking liquid steel and forging beams with his bare hands, by all means go ahead, but I think MS&U already has a lady and a gremlin that do that.

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