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Waldo's Weekly - Bad Moon Rising

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Hey Wyrdos!

If Waldo’s displays of pumpkins, strings of bats, and skulls (we don’t ask where he gets them) are any indication, it’s almost time for the spookiest season of the year! That’s right: Carving Day and the Rotten Harvest are creeping upon Malifaux once again. Light your jack o’ lanterns, grab a handful of candy, and come see what we have in store.

This year, we’re releasing a second alt crew alongside Malifaux 1988. Called Witches and Woes, this box has almost everything you need to get started with the Woe keyword for the Neverborn. 


Pandora, her Poltergeist, and 3 Sorrows come in preassembled plastic. Packed to burst with scarecrow-y goodness, this box will be available at your local FLGS in October and November only. Get it while you can, because once it’s gone, it’s gone. After that, the only way you’ll be able to pick it up is from our webstore during special sales, like Black Friday.


Even their stat cards have been given a spooky and pulpy makeover!  


Some sharp-eyed Malifaux players might notice there’s a mischievous pair missing from Pandora’s party. Rotten Harvest Candy and Baby Kade will be available during our promotion, so don’t lose your head! Er… maybe a poor choice of words after seeing the artwork. Sorry Candy…  


Keep your receipts from your local game stores; if you spend $75 from September 25 – November 8, you’ll receive your choice of Rotten Harvest Candy or Baby Kade. If you spend $150, you’ll get both! You can check out the promotion below for more rules, guidelines, and information on how to submit your receipts. Can’t grab Candy or Baby Kade right now? Fear not; they’ll be available during our Black Friday sale to purchase by themselves.


That’s all for this week, Wyrdos! While Waldo untangles his candy corn lights, we’ll keep bringing you more festive content throughout this Halloween season. If you haven’t had your fill of Malifaux spookiness, stop by the forums and tell us what sorts of specters and slashers you’ll be bringing onto the table.

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If it makes any difference, Neverborn tend to take the shape of what make people freak out, so no children were harmed in the process :} I understand it might still be unsettling for some folks.

Especially with promotional and nightmare models, I'm glad that Wyrd is a bit less mainstream and "Dares" a bit more (Look at that title!). I'm grabbing both for sure! 


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3 hours ago, Raxgeth said:

Nothing says halloween to me like a small child holding her own decapitated head. I'm really not a fan of that Candy.

The rest of the crew looks great though.

I think it's supposed to be a costume, where her body is all underneath there and the dress is suspended up above her around a cage. I did this as a headless horseman when I was a kid. Carried a Jack-O-Lantern to all my classes and everything.

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22 hours ago, Wyrd Office said:

For those concerned about exchange rates, we utilize the converter at XE.com when we get out-of-country receipts. You can double-check your local currency minimum there with the $75 USD minimum for one of the models, and $150 USD minimum for two. We're also here if you have any questions! 

Does the whole amount need to be on one receipt, or can I submit multiple receipts that add up to the correct amount?   Also, do preorders count?

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On 9/18/2020 at 7:12 AM, Deep Sorrow said:

Does the whole amount need to be on one receipt, or can I submit multiple receipts that add up to the correct amount?   Also, do preorders count?

We accept multiple receipts totalling the minimum, so long as they are within the dates of a promotion and are itemized. Pre-orders must be paid for to count. 

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2 hours ago, Wyrd Office said:

Hey there, @Ozzac, due to the pandemic, we are accepting receipts from webstores for companies that also have a storefront somewhere in the world, for this sale. 

Sorry, probably should have explained better, I have in mind to make an order on the wyrd online store, and I want to know if there are going to be both included in the order or not (it's over 150$ obviously)

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