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Standing up for Ressers!

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So I'll summarize my beliefs about the game and how it went:
The main problem is that I prepped for a fight hoping that I could summon my scheme runners and that the Dead Rider could shore up whatever gaps I have in scheme running needs. With the Rider dead turn 1 due to getting swapped into the Colette crew and both of my summoned Necropunks over the course of the game getting slain, I didn't have anything left fast enough to score my points. In retrospect, I should have picked Leave your Mark instead of breakthrough (I had envisioned killing the Silent One turn 2 with the Valedictorian which would have gotten a recruitment Drive marker for the first point) because Anna spent most of the game in the center of the map just kinda chilling. 
Additionally, even with a mecharachnid on the loose, Necropunks of sufficient number (and with Grave Spirit's Touch) should have been able to weather the storm and go get the symbols, and I instead opted for my comfort pick elite crew, and that cost me. I took the Student of Steel expecting more Coryphee because those are common choices for Colette players locally, so when the only armored model worth spitting at just stayed away from the fight for the majority of the game, that didn't really matter either. Basically I should have just front loaded scheme running potential at crew select, taken out the counterpick arachnid with the Vally since Schtook should hire her regardless of context, and then just ran points with his best-in-class scheme runners. At that point, Colette being annoying doesn't really matter, and you just have to pick somewhere to remove 1 point from his scoring potential and call it a day. Since Colette is commonly the only Don't Mind Me model in her crew (because you hire Colette, Coryphee, and then go versatiles, apparently) just camping your Symbols should be an effective counter-pick if you can keep her away from the Symbols even for a single turn. 

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