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Making supports for indoor walls?

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I've got a load of these samplers and I'm looking to try to make some supports. I'm really obsessed with making an indoor Honeypot Casino board, so I need some indoor walls. 

I've got all these - any suggestions on the look, colors, or design to make theem stand up straight as indoor walls? 






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I would try basing them. Just sticking them on a thin strip that extends out from the wall ought to reduce the likelihood of tipping. I can't tell if cardboard would be firm enough for them or not. #

You could disguise it with features, like book cases/slot machines and so forth so its not just something sticking out. Alternatively joining the boards together at right angles to form corners would also work, but is a little more restrictive of the board layout (only an issue if you want to make it very  variable).   

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