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Waldo's Weekly - Sandstorm

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Hey Wyrdos!

This week, Waldo decided he’d spice things up by trying his hand at fishing. He got his pole, tackle box, and hat, then proceeded to dig outside the office for some bait. After an hour or so, Waldo had only managed to wrangle a few earthworms… until the ground started to rumble and shake.

It looked like Waldo’s excavating attracted the attention of an upcoming creature for the Explorer’s Society, and an existing crew:


Somehow, Waldo managed to disturb one of Malifaux’s native Sand Worms and let it loose on the office’s front lawn! Sand Worms are huge and hungry predators that hunt the Badlands. Homesteaders and frontiersmen find them to be dangerous threats, and often need assistance to drive them away from farms. Take a look at its card and you’ll see why:


Though adult Sand Worms can grow enormous, the one here appears to be a juvenile. It seems that with the right vibrations, certain people with the Frontier keyword (or with Explorer’s Society memberships) can call these beasts from the dunes and use them as living weapons.

That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. While Waldo tries to fit the Sand Worm into his bait bucket, you should stop by the forums and tell us what you think of the monstrous beastie! Will this burrowing Enforcer be key to digging your Explorer’s Society crews to victory?

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17 hours ago, ShinChan said:

This model raises a doubt. What happen if it uses Sandstorm triggering Lasting Winds and then buries itself with Drill into the Earth? Do the Dust Cloud markers that were within 4":new-Pulse: when he used Sandstorm get removed or not? 😕


No, because the pulse is an instant effect that effectively tags the Dust Clouds that will remain.  Those "tags" will still be in play even if the Sandworm submerges itself.  It should be noted that if the Worm drops a Dust Cloud from its trigger on Drill Into The Earth, then that one will not remain at the end of the turn.

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I played against this model tonight in a Basse crew and he was pretty brutal. Now, I hadn't seen him before, so next time I'll be ready. I didn't realize he had a trigger that buried him, so I attacked him turn one, which was dumb. He buried. He took damage, but as an after resolving trigger there isn't much you can do about it. Following that he pops up doing 3 min 3 attacks! He can be very strong against a lot of crews. Thunders, guild, and Tara will tear him up I think but if  I were to play Basse into anything else the Sand Worm would be along for the ride. He seems very good for 8 points. 

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Cost 8 and up to three min-3 damage attacks is super nasty. Poor defensive stats, HtW is good, and on Df attacks the after resolving trigger is excellent and not to hard to generate. Vulnerable to Wp based attacks. As is this appears to be an excellent beater, very cost efficient for its role, slippery and potentially highly manoeuvrable depending on terrain.

I agree that the variety of Explorers models seems excellent, which is great because you'd expect an exploration society to have a menagerie of the weird and dangerous.  

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