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Waldo's Weekly - Fly Me to the Moon


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Hey Wyrdos!

As you all know, Waldo is something of a cheese connoisseur. Everything from cheddar and spray cheese to those little plastic-wrapped single slices, our office imp just can’t get enough of the stuff. But this week, we saw him taking a break from his usual midnight feasting to stare up at the moon. Fearing another evil plot being concocted, we asked him why he was so curious about it. Waldo claimed he heard legends that the moon was made of cheese, and that was all he could focus on. 

We didn’t really have the heart to break the truth to him. But that did get us thinking about moons. Waldo might not ever reach his elusive cheese in the sky, but you can take a journey into space all on your own!


In this new One Shot adventure for Through the Breach, the Fated find themselves treading the Explorer’s Society halls in response to a very curious inquiry. Malifaux has two moons… isn’t it about time somebody explored them? Who better but the Fated to undertake such an intrepid and trailblazing mission? 

Are you excited about Malifaux’s newest Faction? This adventure officially gives Fated the opportunity to become full-fledged members of the Explorer’s Society! If you succeed in boldly going where none have gone before, you will gain access to information and treasures unimaginable… provided you can pay the application fees, of course.

James Vernon and Millicent Welles (whose faces might be familiar to those that tuned in for our Gen Con live events) star alongside the Fated in Through the Breach’s latest One Shot: Voyage to the Moon! It’s available on DriveThruRPG right now, so click here to pick up a copy and reserve your ticket into Malifaux’s atmosphere.

That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. Come by the forums and let us know what you think of Vernon and Welles! What mysteries do you think Malifaux’s moons might hold? 

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