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Lord Cooper (Apex Keyword) Discussion

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Seemed only fair. We talked about him plenty in the Gencon thread, but compiled here we can discuss the Keyword going forward as new models, synergies, and faction upgrades are revealed.



Lord Justin Cooper


Model 9




Malisaurus Rex


Runaways x3

Crypsis Corps x2

Vatagi Huntsman x3



Core Box: Lord Cooper, his Totems (3x Runaways), Model 9, and his bloodhounds Artemis and Ullr

"On The Hunt" Box: Crypsis Corps x2, Vatagi Huntsmen x3

Solo Boxes: Malisaurus Rex

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I've just noticed that Model 9 has the execute trigger on :crow on his melee attack.
Combined with the Malisaurus Rex's bonus action that gives + :crow to friendly attack actions targetting ennemies within range, the stat 6 on Model 9
's melee action, and the predatory instinct ability to get a :+flip on attack for a :-flip on damage, this can be a decent combo to force a few stone/card discard to avoid the trigger's immediate death.


PS : the Ullr link above does not contain the back of this card, you can see it there : 116908315_10158700049273707_424287178761

His hold down trigger on :crow is pretty nice too btw (especially since Lord Cooper shooting action is once per activation, not per turn)

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They'll need lore, cause I doubt we'll know who they are by name and picture.  We bearly know anything about English Ivan and he's got a whole story about him already.

The other books have 3-4 stories each, and all the masters make an "appearance".  This is going to be a whole other ball of wax as we have to get the narrative feel of about 6 new people at once (maybe 5.5 with what we know about English Ivan, maybe 7-8 because we might get more Basse and/or McCabe info.... it's gonna be a mess).

I'm wicked excited either way, though.

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