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Troublesome Alliances - Riga, Latvia @ Aug, 30th, 2020

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Hooray, Wyrd people from all over the Malifaux!

This is an announcement post for Malifaux Latvia. We had a  Shifting Loyalties Campaigns couple years in a row, and it always was a blast! This year time to try something new! We present a Growth League with Shifting Loyalties elements. Everyone are invited to join this M3e Campaign that will start at August, 30th and continue for 7+ "weeks". Each gaming week takes 2 real weeks time. This event is done in association with no-one, since all gaming died during pandemic :) 

Rules will follow, but prepare yourself to:

* Fixed faction (once chosen, cannot be changed during campaign). Henchmen and Masters are limited across campaign (means, there are cannot be 2 Yan Lo)
* Starting with 34 Soulstones (Henchman also should be paid)
* 11 Scrip limit per week (extra income by Hideouts is not counted)
* Custom list of Equipments and Injuries.
* Stay Dead, The Good Doctor, Before the Event, Cut'em for Parts rules are active
* Everyone has own Hide Out of fixed type and may spend CM*2 cost in scrips to purchase Fortifications. Only one Fortification per Week can be added.

Main idea of the event is to have it more story and roleplay based, than competitive tournament. Please, report your game results in timely matter, so I could accumulate all information fast enough. Each participating player should secretly provide quick description of his starting crew and his team motivation to get into brawl with others. 

When: Sunday, August, 30th, 2020. 
Where: TBD
Capacity: minimum 5, max unlimited
Participation fee: 20 EUR, pay cash at the event / Revolut / Swedbank
Prizes (each prize awarded only o

  • The One Who Knocks - Global Campaign Winner from a winning faction (higher score of Global VPs), who scored more against other faction members. Prize: Crew-size mystery box
  • The One Who Not - Last Place Consolation. Prize: Whiteboard Markers and 8" Measuring Tool package.
  • The One Who Can - Painted 87% of his Arsenal in period between August, 2020 and December, 2020. Exhibits Crew on Parade (42 SS) from his Arsenal. Prize: Limited model
  • The One Who Shots - Leader by number of collected Achievements during all campaign games. Prize: Crew-size mystery box
  • if more than 7 participants: The One Who's Lucky - Random draw raffle. Prize: Limited model


  • Malifaux suited deck is mandatory. Participants may sign in to get custom-made deck during this event. Price will be negotiated with applications.
  • Proxy units are allowed. All proxy models need to be approved by the Organizer before the event.
  • Full-color copies of model cards and upgrades from rulebooks are allowed. Custom-made copies of cards are allowed.
  • Joining after start date the campaign is possible, but tricky. The Organizer will provide required details.
  • External website or service will be used for online/digital Arsenal management & campaign announcements. Follow the announcements to stay in touch. 

More details will follow!

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