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[Switzerland][Bern][28.9.-10.10.2020] M3E League

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We are starting a league-style tournament the 29th of August. As we want to minimize the risk for everyone, it will not take place on one day, but rather over a time of 6 weeks.

There will be 3 rounds, each of which runs over two weeks, so everyone gets the chance to play their games whenever fits best. Games should be played at House of Cards in Bern. Please make sure to reserve tables in time for your games.

The tournament will follow the GG1 rules with the following additional restrictions for each crew:

- 50 Soul Stones

- Single

- Fixed Leader

- Vanilla

- max 1 Henchman

- max 1 OOK (out of keyword) Versatile model

- max 1 OOK non-Versatile model

There are 2 ways to score additional TPs. You will get one TP for every game you play with a fully painted crew. Otherwise, if you sign up with an unpainted crew and have a 50 Soul Stone crew of your Keyword fully painted before the end of the tournament/league, you will get 6 TPs!

Fully painted includes the base and unpainted means base coat at most 😉

There will be a small fee of 5.- sFr. for prizes.

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After some delays due to the Covid situation, we finally had our finals today.

We'd had 6 participants and played 3 rounds over more than 2 months to make sure everyone could play in a safe environment. Better safe than sorry atm.


Final standings were as follows, named by the Fixed Leaders:

  1. Titania

  2. Toni Ironside

  3. Jack Daw

  4. Mei Feng

  5. Leveticus

  6. Kaeris


If you are a little more interested in details, I've collected some data. Mainly to get a better feeling for GG1 for further leagues and tournaments.


Round 1 was played Standard Deployment, Public Enemy, Vendetta, Take Prisoner, Hidden Martyrs, Breakthrough and Spread Them Out.

Titania won against Kaeris

Jack Daw won against Toni Ironside

Leveticus won against Mei Feng


Public Enemy was scored for a total of only 10 VP in all 3 games. Much less than in the other Strategies later on.

Hidden Martyrs was the most chosen Scheme. 4 out of 6 players played this Scheme. Each of them scored at least one point, one scored both.

Vendetta was chosen twice and 2 points were scored.

Take Prisoner was chosen once and 1 point was scored.

Breakthrough was chosen 3 times but only 2 points were scored in total this round.

Spread Them Out was chosen twice and 2 points were scored.


Round 2 was played Flank Deployment, Symbols of Authority, Assassinate, Claim Jump, Research Mission, Runic Binding and Take Prisoner.

Titania won against Mei Feng

Toni Ironside won against Kaeris

Jack Daw won against Leveticus


Symbols of Authority was scored a total of 13 points in all 3 games.

Assassinate and Claim Jump were both chosen by 3 players each. But while with Assassinate were scored 5 points only 1 point was scored by Claim Jump.

Research Mission and Take Prisoner were both chosen twice. But again, while Research Mission was scored a total of 4 points only 1 point was scored for Take Prisoner.

Runic Binding finally was chosen once but no points were scored.


Round 3 was played Wedge Deployment, Corrupted Leylines, Let Them Bleed, Catch And Release, Leave Your Mark, Sabotage and Breaktrough.

Titania won the finals against Jack Daw with a difference of just 1 VP. Thats what I call a finals!

Toni Ironside won against Leveticus

Mei Feng won against Kaeris


Corrupted Leyline turned out to be the one to be scored best. With 18 VP in total this makes an average of 3 points per player out of 4 possible.

Breakthrough was chosen from 5 out of 6 players and scored 6 points.

Catch And Release, Leave Your Mark and Sabotage were chosen twice each. For Leave Your Mark 3 points were scored, the other two just 1 each.

Finally Let Them Bleed was chosen once and scored no points at all.


Big thanks to all that played in our small league! I am looking forward to the next one 😉

As leagues give us the opportunity to play in small groups, we will go for a new league soon, as we won't take the risk of a tournament in near future.


Stay healty and keep on playing!

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