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Joining the ranks of the outcasts- ramblings and rantings of a crank old man.

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Greetings I thought I might share my experience as a first time outcasts player as I collect, paint and play the faction for the time. I have been playing malifaux for about 4 years now and I started a resser player and specifically  Nicodem  before he was god tier. It was a steep learning experience I can assure you but I enjoyed it and eventually I bought all the resser masters and played them all including Tara. Molly and Nico were my faves. Being the middle aged obsessed war gamer I was able to live the dream of my younger self and pretty much buy what I wanted when I wanted. So I built up a collection of every faction and own most of the masters and a good 90% of the models in each faction!. 
3rd edition came along and I started with beloved ressers but was a little down on the since they dmh-Ed my Nicodem and my other fave Ramos (I had a arcanist period ). Soon I was trying out the ten thunders and enjoyed them for a while but I had always wanted play Levi but a few mates that are my regular opponents are big outcasts players so I steered away. Well those two mates are playing different factions for now so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try the outcasts. I have all of the masters in my cupboard of shame but Hamelin is just the first Ed metal box so most of his keyword is missing. The masters I have assembled are Viks. Schill, Daw, Parker and Levi while Zipp, Tara ( sold my original crew off when she was lost to ressers) and Hamelin are in built. My Daw crew is painted as well as most of my Levi but it was the weird old man I started with as he seemed to fit my theme of Nico and Ramos and indeed almost appears to be an Amalgam (see what I do there ?) of the two of them. I’ll post up some photos of the crews later.

My thoughts coming into Levi are that I think his is a crew that could comfortable solo in a tournament which what I like when learning a new faction and crew. The plan is to take Levi to a tournament in the first weekend of October here in Sydney called Moab. It’s a one day tournament with three games. With this in mind I played a game against my mates McCabe last night of the first rounds pool. It wasimage.thumb.jpeg.b2635d5bd87c6bf708078bf25e3f0e9b.jpeg

I chose break through and spread them out 

My list



The idea was for ashes and the necrosis to move onto the opponents half first turn and drop markers to set up for turn two spread. This is why I gave ashes servant upgrade but I might change that yet. Rusty and Marlene were to hang together in the middle and project threat. The scavenger was really there to try to get fast onto alyce. With armour and Marlenes ability to tale the wounds down to 0 I could get the fast on Alyce with no wounds from the crow trigger on weird device. Of course first turn I couldn’t get a crow high enough to actually get it to work! I put the lodestone on ashes.

second turn the plan was to get ashes up to the marker in the left hand quarter of the opponents half and claim strat point. Also he dropped a scheme marker to start getting me ready for the final points of my schemes. Necropunks were to get into backfield for breakthrough. One necro was killed by McCabe but the other one got over there and get me breakthrough. End of second turn and I had 3 points.

The rest of the game went to plan and I easily got my markers down for my second points but Ashes could only get another 2 on the strat. It will be hard to get the final point for the start as that’s the furthest you need to move to claim one, passing it off will be the way but I hadn’t set it up well enough. Ended up 7 all draw.

I’m hooked, love this crew. The irreducible damage from Levi is truly terrifying, I killed desper Leroux early turn 2 and Levi got Minako and I think the terracotta warrior by the  end I lost alyce and Marlene but they did their job distracting McCabe, not for long enough though. Having said that if they hadn’t stopped him for a turn or so he would have got all the points for strat.

Long winded I know but hey I’m excited!



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