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Resser community threads - what next?

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Well, I'd say everyone has really breathed some life back into the Resser forums! Now that we've had a variety of pools, I thought it would be good to take stock and see what direction we wanted to go next. Some ideas I have:

  • Continue as we've been going (we have 12 more deployment/strategy combinations we've not covered yet).
  • Faction matchups - what masters work and what masters don't against various factions.
  • Counterpicking specific issues.
  • Strategy deep dives - exploring options for each strategy in depth (feel like we've kind of covered this with the community pools).
  • Scheme deep dives - exploring each scheme in depth (kind of like this one, as we often look at schemes in pools of 5 instead of one in detail).
  • Keyword deep dives - really dive into each keyword and its options (I feel like this already happens pretty organically though).
  • OOK highlights - stuff people love to take out of keyword (again, feel like this comes up organically already).
  • Model specific deep dives - Facebook Neverborn do deep dives on every Neverborn model, and some really interesting stuff comes out.

And any other ideas that people might have! Keen to hear feedback - what would people like to do with the community threads/pools for the next few weeks? I hope we'll get a pretty cool assortment of ideas and will have lots of material to work with.

If you have lots of experience to share, speak up on what you think might be helpful! If you are still learning the game, speak up with what you're curious about! Let's all help each other level up our game.

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I vote for faction matchups. I am not playing very often and sometimes face hard counters which I was not aware the opponent's faction has. Would like to hear others' experience.

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While I quite like faction match-up discussions, I'm not sure if that's nit already covered by the internet, especially podcasts like Tabletop Talk or Schemes and Stones. But I wouldn't be opposed, their tpurnament perspective doesn't always apply to actual metas the community plays in.


I would vote for "counter specific issues". This can include specific factions/masters though. But would be cool if those issues come from someone in the community, so we have topics someone actually has a problem with. 

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All fantastic input!
I especially like the map/terrain idea.

I'll likely put something faction-related in the next day or two to get the ball rolling, but will wait for a bit more feedback.

What do people think about a bit of alternating (One week do a faction, one week do something like terrain, next week a faction, next week something different, etc)?

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6 hours ago, Stumpyfjord said:

I’d recommend pulling a Vassal map as well. I think terrain is an under discussed feature that should he considered in list build/master declaration/expected tactica.

100% agree on this. After playing in a Vassal league, the terrain had a huge impact on what master I took. Sadly it's much harder to do in real life unless you take your entire collection (or at least a selection of different keywords) to the gaming store.

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A discussion about counters would be great, what you can counter and what counters you, but more importantly how to keep up and what can you do to win when your opponent counters you. 


Model deep dives would be interesting, where a lot of different view points could meet for certain models. 

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