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2020 Monthly Painting Challenge - August

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Welcome to the 2020 Wyrd Painting Challenge!

This is the thread for the August Painting Challenge. I’m Caedrus, and I have the very great pleasure of being your host for 2020. While I am proud to be your host, this competition belongs to all of us, and if there’s anything that we can better to improve the Challenge, please do let me know.

The link to the painter spreadsheet is here.

The 2020 Wyrd Monthly Painting Challenge is all about:

  1. Having fun painting!
  2. Motivating yourself, and encouraging others.
  3. Being part of a great, friendly community.
  4. Giving and receiving constructive advice. And, finally:
  5. Getting some pigment onto plastic!

This is not a competition in any way.

The pledge categories are the following:

  • Minion: you paint at least 1 Soulstone worth of Wyrd miniatures each month
  • Enforcer: you paint at least 6 Soulstones worth of Wyrd miniatures each month
  • Henchman: you paint at least 11 Soulstones worth of Wyrd miniatures each month
  • Master: you paint at least 16 Soulstones worth of Wyrd miniatures each month
  • Tyrant: you paint at least 31 Soulstones worth of Wyrd miniatures each month

The rules:

  • The challenge started on January 1st, 2020. 
  • Models count for the month in which you finish them. You can finish painting a model that you started before the beginning of the month.
  • Everyone may fail to make their monthly goal twice and stay in the challenge. This is using a mulligan. See the Buy-Back rule, below.
  • You can choose to go down a pledge level during the year, but you cannot move up.
  • A model is considered painted if it is (1) based (even glued onto a black base counts); (2) tournament legal. That means that if it's a translucent, based model, it counts automatically. If it is any opaque material, then the standard is: Every part of the miniature painted, and three colours minimum.

A new rule for 2020: The Buy-Back

Everyone has good months and bad months. To encourage people to continue to paint, we will be trying out a new rule this year: the Buy-Back. In the past, if you have used your two mulligans, you’re out of the Challenge!

However, in 2020, you can buy your way back into the challenge. All you have to do is to undertake your normal pledge and paint for the month, AND undertake the pledge and paint from one of the months you mulliganed.

E.g.: Sarah is painting at Enforcer level (6SS/month), and she’s needed to mulligan for the third time. She announces that for the upcoming month, she’ll paint 12SS. If she does so, she’s back in the Challenge!

At such a time, it might be worthwhile considering dropping down a category, but that’s up to Sarah!

Miniature Values:


  • Almost all models count as their Soulstone value; but
  • Masters count for 15 soulstones.
  • Zero cost models count for 5 soulstones.
  • Proxies (constructed from Wyrd models) count for their proxy value.

The Other Side

  • Titans count for 25 soulstones.
  • Commanders count for 15 soulstones.
  • Adjunct models count for 5 soulstones.


  • A 30mm base model is worth 5 soulstones.
  • A 40mm base model is worth 7 soulstones.
  • A 50mm base model is worth 10 soulstones.
  • Markers count for 2 soulstones if they're flat, or 5 soulstones if they're 3D and fancy


  • ·       Scatter Piece (5SS): A modest piece of terrain, or a small number of scattered terrain pieces. These are the spray-can and dry-brush pieces.
  • ·       Focus Piece (10SS): A terrain piece that represents a focal point of pride in a terrain board. These pieces require a decent amount of construction and painting.
  • ·       Centre Piece (20SS): A terrain piece that is a significant centrepiece to the terrain. A handmade forest, a mausoleum, or a train engine.
  • ·       Masterpiece (50SS): A gorgeous, unique terrain piece that makes people wonder if you get out much.
  • ·       War and Peace (100SS): A complete, themed 3’x3’ terrain board.

My very best for August, and the second half of 2020! May it be a bit less crazy than the first half!


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Dear All,

As I desperately try to get my minis finished for July, I realised that I have nothing set up for August. But that's OK, because I have a lone Drachen Trooper sitting on my desk. So, that's my pledge. 8 points of Flammerwerfer goodness.

I'll do something else, maybe even getting started on the terrain pieces I've been promising myself for ... wow ... a looong time.

See you in August - take care of yourselves, and keep putting pigment to plastic!


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Doing a Lotus Eater for my Thunders. Incorrectly assembled my first one so I can't fit a final part in. Oh freck it, I'll only need one anyway. Two tops. I managed to assemble #2 in proper order. Should be fun. Haven't done skin in a while.

Also doing magnetised arachnids/arachnid swarm to clear up space from my built-shelf. They'll be done quick 'n lazy.



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I'm still not sure what i'll do in august, since the Onis are over, i'll probably go back to finish my outcasts.  I have a desolation engine and the effigy built and primed, and the emissary build pending.

On the other hand, i had this project of doing a scenic base for all my "plague" crew, and in august I'll have more time than ever, and i just got my airbrush... so sounds like is the time for big, ambitious terrain pieces.

I'm gonna pledge the terrain, and hopefully finish it this month.  I'd consider it a 50ss Masterpiece (Caedrus named it, not me! ^^ ), i hope the result honors the pledge-level name 🤞

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I'm looking to round out some of the crews I've completed. This will be an "all-over" the place month. Some Cyclops for the Euripides crew, some pigs and stuff for Ulix and maybe something that just needs painting. 

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If I'm allowed to join, I'm gonna paint (at least) each faction's effigy.


And then it will come most of the Permformer keyword (doves and Carlos are already painted).


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August I will pledge 3x Crooligan, that will complete the Forgotten Keyword. Then maybe Lampads and a Draugr to complete the Revenant Keyword. 

After that there's just a few versatiles then its on to Ancestor

After that... I'll have a fully painted Faction!!! 😱:Necro:

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