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Fatemaster Friday - A Hiatus

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'Fauxtastic Friday Breachers!

GenCon is nearly upon us. With that, it makes for an extremely busy time and I'll be taking a break from Fatemaster Friday to focus on some other projects that need my attention! Fatemaster Friday has been a great way to see glimpses of the wonderful and creative stories you're telling with your players! It's inspired me greatly in my own games, and I hope it's inspired some of you as well. 

I promise this isn't the end of Fatemaster Friday, and you're not rid of me just yet. TTB is one of my favorite games, so I'll still be around here sharing my thoughts and own game stories. If you haven't considered considered checking out the TTB Live play Saturday August 1st, please check out the Waldo's Weekly about this and other Wyrd events for GenCon.

Thanks so much Breachers for a year of wonderful exploration of the 'Fauxverse. One last question until I return: What is a TTB moment for your players that exemplifies what TTB means to you as a Fatemaster?

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My players heard the background and thought, let's get some soulstone out of an abandoned mine. They don't know it yet, but probably the moment when they made the decision that it's a good idea as a group of noncombat lvl 0 to go for the mine where a Death Marshal died as he tried to clear it of zombies instead of going for a different mine. They have nearly no weapons, are totally underequiped as they presented themselfs as pros in that sort of thin to their contractor, so he only gave them food water and a donkey cart to get to the mine. Last time fought of 5 zombies and 3 of the 4 nearly died. There is like Zombies, the Necromance and a couple of Constructs left. Looks not to good on them. But they might smarten up and change Pursuit or just run away. Then they dont get the bonus but stay alive. In my perspective the world is cruel and harsh but also rewarding if you make the right decisions, if you don't, you die.

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