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Special orders and Flgs Promotions

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Do you mean when are they going to announce a new promotion or  when are they sending out the rewards from the last promotion? (which ended a week ago)

I'd not expect another LGS promotion until at least September at the earliest as people are likely to spend August gaming funds on Gencon.  But how long until the next one is anyones guess.

I would expect August 2020 would mean the end of the month, but I don't know, and if the special order is important, I wouldn't risk it.  I expect the end date is when Wyrd remove it from their list of available items, it doesn't make any difference how much travelling it then goes on. (Likewise I would expect if you ordered it through a LGS then they need to have got the Order to Wyrd before the end of the month, but I have no idea exactly how their system works).

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I wanted some order initiates for Neverborn Marcus, and had forgotten it had been almost a year since his 3rd ed box had been released. Keen to get some, although they are pricey considering I'll probably only use one.

Same goes for good'o'boys, although I might use all three of them, but not attached to top hat (2nd ed core box was £2 more than the gremlin minon box, so thought it would be worth the upgrade).

I've been waiting for Cyclops's to float around on eBay for a more palatable price, but a good flgs promotion and the first round of special orders ending would convince me to stop waiting!

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That is a great question! For clarification, we'll be offering the following through August, so those can be ordered up till the last day of August: 

Order Initiates (x3) $27.00 - WYR23301-SO
Elijah Borgmann & Firebranded (x3) $32.00 - WYR23302-SO
Good Ol' Boy (x3) $27.00 - WYR23601-SO

You can order them via the links above or support your LGS by asking them to place an order using the WYR SKUs. 

As always, if you have any other questions, comments, concerns, or jokes, feel free to reach out via our Customer Support channels!

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