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Malifaux background table


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I created a sort of a background table for my players to flip on to randomly establish background events and NPCs for them. They had decided to start in Malifaux so the table is meant to give them some background with the city; people they have met, places they have visited, friends and enemies they have made, and things like that. If anyone feels like using it please do, it's great to use on session 0 as a way to both flesh out the characters and the world.


Red Joker: You found a place where you can relax and be yourself. What is it, and do you share it with anyone?


1. You were investigated for a crime once but found innocent. What was it, and how has the guard sergeant let you know that they still suspect you?

2. You once helped stop a robbery. Did the perpetrator get away?

3. You briefly dated a Guild clerk. What happened to break you up, and how do they remember you?

4. Your testimony once freed someone from an accusation by the guard. Who, and how did they repay you?

5. Someone once paid you to forge a testimony. Did you accept the payment?

6. Your testimony once condemned someone accused by the guard. Who, and do their friends still hold a grudge about it?

7. You were once caught up in a scandal concerning a Guild official. Whose career did you ruin, and how did they swear to avenge you for it?

8. You helped someone escape from the guard once. What had they done, and how did they thank you.

9. You once caught an acquaintance stealing, but instead of reporting them you got them to return what was stolen. Did they thank you?

10. You got arrested for a missdemeanour shortly after arriving. What did you do, and who was the guard sergeant that let it slip?

11. To make ends meet you briefly joined the guard. What made you leave it?

12. You briefly served as a Guild officials retinue. What were you doing for them, and what made you leave?

13. You accidentally offended a Guild official once. How did they let you know it?


1. To make ends meet you worked for a brief period of time at a local establishment. How do they remember you?

2. You briefly attended a Union book circle. What made you stop going there?

3. You got in a fight with a union member once. Who came out on top, and how do they remember you?

4. When you first arrived in Malifaux someone took you in and helped you find a place to settle. Who was it, and do you still keep in touch.

5. Someone took their time showing you around the city after you first arrived. What places did they show you, and how did you thank them?

6. You were caught up in a riot once. What did you do that caught the eye of the rabble rouser?

7. You managed to get a Union member fired once. What had you seen them doing, and how did they threaten revenge.

8. Someone once taught you a valuable lesson about life in Malifaux. What was it, and how did you thank them?

9. You once stumbled upon someone practicing illegal magic. What were they doing, and did you report it to the Guild?

10. You helped someone off the street. Who, and how did they repay you?

11. You took care of and taught a youngster from the street for a time. What are they doing now?

12. Someone once claimed your success as their own. What had you done, and how did you swear revenge.

13. You have befriended a small group of drinking buddies. Where and how often do you usually meet up?


1. In the time after you arrived you had to loan money from an acquaintance. Did you ever pay them back?

2. Someone in Malifaux helped pay for your ticket over from earth-side. How did they expect you to repay them, and did you ever uphold your end of it?

3. You briefly returned back to earth. Who paid for the trip, and what were you expected to do for them? Did you do it?

4. You once saved a stray dog from the street. Who did you give them to?

5. There is someone you have an uncanny knack of randomly running into. Who, and what is the strangest place you have met them at?

6. Someone once went out of their way to help you when you needed it the most. What did they do, and how have you thanked them?

7. You got caught up in a gang war once. How did you get out alive?

8. Someone once recognised themselves in you and offered you to partner up. What was it, and why did you turn them down?

9. You once caught a changeling in the act, did you report them to the Guild?

10. You were accosted for a time by a person who insisted on becoming your friend. Why did you reject them, and how did you make them stop?

11. You got thrown out of a pub accused of cheating at cards. Are you allowed back?

12. You once helped a couple find their missing child. Where did you find them, and how were you thanked?

13. A former friend once suggested you two start a business together, but then ran away with the money you invested. What were you planning to do?


1. You helped someone through the grief of a lost one. Who, and whom had they lost?

2. You got sick shortly after arriving and someone helped nurse you back to health. Who, and how did you repay them?

3. You got in a fight with some ruffians once. Who got out on top?

4. Someone once offered you a dangerous but lucrative job. Why did it not happen, and how does this person feel about you now?

5. You and a small group once planned to do something illegal, but a group member betrayed you to the Guild. What were you planning to do, and how was the member rewarded for betraying you?

6. You helped fend of a resurrectionist attack once. What do you remember most clearly about the resurrectionist?

7. You were once forced to steal from someone you knew to survive. Did you ever do anything to recompence?

8. You once found a grimoire with necromantic magic. Where, and what did you do with it?

9. You caught someone dabbling in necromancy. Who was it, and did you report it to the Guild?

10. Some thugs once tried to hire you to help fight a rival gang. Did you accept their offer?

11. You were robbed once, what kind of impression did you do so that they remember you?

12. You were hired to kill someone once, but spared their life. Who was it, do they know about it, and how did your contractor take it.

13. You loaned someone money once. Why did they need it, and did they ever pay you back?

Black Joker: Someone tried to kill you but failed. What was the reason, and do they still hold a grudge?

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