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New Fatemaster, some questions

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Hello! I just started out Fatemastering for a group of routined RPG'ers and I want to make their experience the best possible.
The thing is, I've never done role play games before but they did enjoy our first session that was partially written by myself.

Since my knowledge of Malifaux, (and they know close to nothing) puts me on a strict advantage when it comes to coming up with twists and turns.
And i like to keep them open to all the options and possibilities the game can provide.

Question one: I read somewhere that you could just kill of low rank minions when they fall unconcious, but what about higher level who automatically pass their unconciuous test? Can you as GM just decide that enough is enough for the sake of the cinematics?

I know about the critical effect beeing to severe to possibly survive, and the + to the table depending on negative wounds.  I also know this has been asked a million times, and I have read it. Ive just forgotten.

Question two: Alot of Fatemaster characters have triggers on their attack, but as far as I see it, no ways to get triggers since they dont flip cards. Can I just choose to use it, or is there another way?

Question three: These first sessions is mostly about sidequests, getting an income, learning about Malifaux and perhaps getting a bit better gear and grimoire's. How much money should simpler jobs award? There are 3 players, and I did the award for a Guild request to clear a haunted house 20§. (puzzels and some sorrows causing commotion). Is that low or a "good price"?`

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Welcome! It's good that your group is already excited to start delving around in Malifaux. Remember, it's your game, so if you feel killing off more powerful characters instead of having the Fated attack them until they deal enough Severe Critical Hits is up to you- just make sure they've earned it! (See pgs. 303, 312-313 of your Core Rules on how to deal with Unconsciousness and higher-rank characters).

Fatemaster character triggers are explained on pg. 286 of the Core Rules; it has to do with what cards are flipped against them in specific duels...


As for Scrip, it's again up to you (and how fast your Fated can spend it). A Guild Guard earns roughly 2 Scrip per week, while a Death Marshal earns about 4. The higher the risk (and the more skills a job requires) the more rewards there should be! Take a little time to feel out what each player wants and needs; don't give them everything at once. Are they looking at a nice shiny Peacebringer? They'll need to work hard to earn it! Lots of our One Shots on DriveThruRPG also give out listed rewards during the Epilogue, so you can also use those as a good way to determine how much a job might be worth.


Best of luck, and we're glad to have you!

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