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56 minutes ago, bedjy said:

Well, I have to say that I Love the models, they are Fantastic! ! But (there is a huge But) but (!) this does not belong to the world of Malifaux I know :(

Idk. Ignoring the fact that nightmare sets don't need to make sense as they're nonstory alts.... Take the 80s backgrounds away and these models aren't so far away from necropunks/langston/melissa/etc.  Their wires are just a bit thinner ha.

Unless you're talking about that bitchin pomp. If that's the case, totally, noone in malifaux would have the style to pull that off.  Wish they could tho (kingcrybaby for next explorers master).

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4 hours ago, muraki said:

Time to start a list of bad proxies / kitbashes for this crew:

  • Willie - take the classic willy and replace the explosives with computer parts + other technological junk
  • Metal Golem - repurpose some old relic knight stuff (like Princess Malya)

Neil Henry with Jax's arms from Mortal Kombat & the rocket powered hammer from Battle Angel: Alita

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