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Battle for the Breach - August 8th, Element Games - CANCELLED

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I have had the go ahead from Element Games that they are ready to run events. The gaming hall is compliant with Covid regulations and by working together we can have a safe and enjoyable event.

The event will be 3 rounds and will be fixed faction, crews will be 50ss.

A rulespack is here.

There will be plenty of prizes included the winners trophy, medals for 1/2/3, best in faction medals, a special prize for the person who finishes bottom and a prize for the winner of the painters vote. There will be a raffle and an array of prizes available for that.

The entry fee will be £12.50, please send payment as a FRIENDS AND FAMILY to carl7lee@hotmail.com. Any payments that are not sent as a gift will be refunded and requested to be sent in such manner. This is to ensure that all ticket sales go directly into the event. Players who didn't opt for a refund of my previous event please get in touch as you will be able to attend this event using that credit.

Lunch is not included.

The event is capped at 40 players and we will have the entirety of Elements gaming hall. 

Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns, I will endeavour to capture everything in the rulespack.

1. Luke Whitrow (P)
2. Dan Brown (P)

3. Kyle Douglas (P)
4. Kevin Gillett (P)
5. Oz Goff (P)
6. James Crosby (P)
7. Cai Bird (P)
8. Lee Dowbekin (P)
9. Craig Woods (P)
10. Karl McConnell (P)
11. Richard Matthews (P)
12. Karl Adam (P)
13. Craig Colley (P)
14. Radek Bry (P)
15. Bert Diamond (P)
16. Allen Connell (P)
17. Gordon Barlow (P)
18. Michael Arnott (P)
19. Andy 'Bush' Bushell (P)
20. Gary McGuiness (P)
21. Allie Whitfield (P)
22. Dan Knight (P)
23. David Elertas (P)
24. Luke Ashby (P)
25. Luke Carter (P)
26. Zed Strong (P)
27. Jamie Varney (P)
28. Matt Lewin (P)
29. James Brown (P)
30. Steven Thomson (P)
31. Chris Draper (P)
32. Maria Wieland (P)
33. Jay Finnegan
34. Will Pintar
35. Steve Johnston (P)
36. Ollie Hedges

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sign me up as arcanists please


Sandeep, kaeris, toni and hoff and friends are coming out swining 


now lets see if i remember how to play rl faux over vassal

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Quick update - I have had confirmation from Element that the bar will be open and it will be table service only. I also asked about the toilets and they will be open and the cleaning schedule has been increased.

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Good morning everyone,
Following on from the Government implementing increased restrictions to Greater Manchester and Element subsequently having to close the NWGC I am going to have to cancel the event.
From the announcement on Thursday and Element confirming closure on Friday I tried to look for alternative venues that would be suitable to relocate to without too much disruption.
Unfortunately for the 9 venues I looked into none were available. I am going to issue refunds to the entrants over the course of the morning. If anybody doesn't want a refund and instead would like to roll it over to be used for a future just let me know.
It is hugely disappointing to cancel the event for a number of reasons but one of the main reasons is this event had a lot of new players attending (new to the game or new to the competitive scene. Hopefully we will see you at the next one 🙂
Thanks everyone for your patience

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20 hours ago, Reservoir Dog said:

I'm gutted to not get my first game of malifaux in 5/6 months but totally understand. Roll mine over to the next one mate, fingers crossed it wont be to far away.

Thanks craig, I have already sent out the refunds (some will take a few days because PayPal).

I’m gutted too, unfortunately the government wanted to make an example out of the north and as such another event is in the bin.

Keep your eyes peeled as something will be in the pipeline as soon as I get the ok. :) 

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