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Malifaux-esque terrain set

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44 minutes ago, farmoar said:

I am currently putting it together. First time dealing with this sort of material, and I am sure I have made some mistakes with my big clumsy hands. But it all looks wonderful, and will post pics once everything is done!

Awesome! I couldn't resist and ordered a set even though I have way too much terrain as it is.... 

Does it seem to scale well for Malifaux?


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OK, so I got my set and assembled it all. It looks great.


Everything on that table except for the large ferry/raft comes in the set. A ton of scatter terrain and some great buildings. I love that the three townhouses have a smaller footprint - I find that easier to play around. Honestly, this may be a bit too much terrain. I also bought a Mythos themed mat from Mats By Mars and had the M3E lines added. The only issue is one corner is almost all in water. So I made a quick and dirty ferry/raft out of craft sticks. It makes that corner more useable for deployment. I'm hoping to get a few more small boats for the other water areas if needed. 

Quick review:

If you've ever assembled any mdf terrain it's pretty easy. The quality is similar to Sarissa Precision or 4Ground. The online assembly guides are pretty good, but there are a few tricky points that you want to make sure you dry fit first. My one complaint is that they didn't double up hardly any walls. For the most part, that's fine. But for the bit Market Square it means the interior walls are obviously bare. Thing is, they did include a couple double sided pieces for one of the shacks, so they are aware of the issue. Not sure why it wasn't included for more.

The Townhouses say not to glue on the back wall so you can access the interior, but they are very narrow buildings. They are aprox 3 inches a side (varies a bit each building). So using the interiors during a game seems unlikely. I've left them unglued for now, but may just glue them shut. The roofs are still removable. I love the look and feel of them. And other than the one with the small overhang over the door and two posts, they are very sturdy I think.

The Marketplace I thought I would hate, but I really like it. I didn't glue in the middle post or two of the top supports that connect to the roof. That way I can remove them more easily and access the interior space for play. Again, I wish they had doubled up the walls since you can see the interior walls very easily. Similar to the clock tower a little more color would have been nice - it looks like 'mdf' which a lot of the other pieces don't. 

The clock tower is nice, but similar to the Townhouses, I doubt I'll ever play the interior. It's even more narrow than the townhouses. I do with they had used some color for the clock tower - it's the only one that really screams 'mdf' terrain and looks a bit unfinished. I may try adding some detail. I did add some color plastic behind the windows to give an illusion of glass.

The small huts are all great and were quite easy to assemble. No issues there. Again, small on the interior, but I don't see any reason to glue the roofs on yet.I love the little newstands as those seem like they will be useful for any city table. I'm going to cut out some small 'newspapers' to glue to them as well. 

The best and worst thing about the set is all the scatter terrain. There is a lot. However, they are a pain to assemble. For example, the little lobster cages have 11 pieces each....  There are probably more giant anchors than you really need too. The two cars are perhaps a bit out of place in Malifaux, but hey - we have giant stompy robots. I thinks some early combustion engine vehicles aren't that out the realm of possibility based on the timeline and tech levels. The scatter terrain is a bit of a hassle to get together, but it's worth it in the end as I find that is the best way to help block open lanes and create a better looking table. The mailboxes are a cool little touch, but again they were a real pain to put together. The street lights are pretty fun, but they are one of the most fragile pieces.

Most of the pieces seem pretty sturdy, being mdf. However, there are a few pieces that are fragile since this is thin mdf. The streetlights are very fragile and I'm not sure how long they will survive. The fire escapes on the townhouses might be a concern down the road too. One of the townhouses has two supports for the small roof over the door and I already broke one off. I might cut those off and go without. The roof of the Marketplace has a lot of thin bits too and might break over time.  Overall I'm not too worried about them - I think they should stand up to normal usage and storage. 

For the cost of about $120 depending on where you find it (I got it from Noble Knights online) you get enough terrain to just about fill a table depending on your tastes. It might be too much for some people. I'm definitely interested in checking out more of their terrain down the line. 

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