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2020 Monthly Painting Challenge - July

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Welcome to the 2020 Wyrd Painting Challenge!

This is the thread for the July Painting Challenge. I’m Caedrus, and I have the very great pleasure of being your host for 2020. While I am proud to be your host, this competition belongs to all of us, and if there’s anything that we can better to improve the Challenge, please do let me know.

The link to the painter spreadsheet is here.

The 2020 Wyrd Monthly Painting Challenge is all about:

  1. Having fun painting!
  2. Motivating yourself, and encouraging others.
  3. Being part of a great, friendly community.
  4. Giving and receiving constructive advice. And, finally:
  5. Getting some pigment onto plastic!

This is not a competition in any way.

The pledge categories are the following:

  • Minion: you paint at least 1 Soulstone worth of Wyrd miniatures each month
  • Enforcer: you paint at least 6 Soulstones worth of Wyrd miniatures each month
  • Henchman: you paint at least 11 Soulstones worth of Wyrd miniatures each month
  • Master: you paint at least 16 Soulstones worth of Wyrd miniatures each month
  • Tyrant: you paint at least 31 Soulstones worth of Wyrd miniatures each month

The rules:

  • The challenge started on January 1st, 2020. 
  • Models count for the month in which you finish them. You can finish painting a model that you started before the beginning of the month.
  • Everyone may fail to make their monthly goal twice and stay in the challenge. This is using a mulligan. See the Buy-Back rule, below.
  • You can choose to go down a pledge level during the year, but you cannot move up.
  • A model is considered painted if it is (1) based (even glued onto a black base counts); (2) tournament legal. That means that if it's a translucent, based model, it counts automatically. If it is any opaque material, then the standard is: Every part of the miniature painted, and three colours minimum.

A new rule for 2020: The Buy-Back

Everyone has good months and bad months. To encourage people to continue to paint, we will be trying out a new rule this year: the Buy-Back. In the past, if you have used your two mulligans, you’re out of the Challenge!

However, in 2020, you can buy your way back into the challenge. All you have to do is to undertake your normal pledge and paint for the month, AND undertake the pledge and paint from one of the months you mulliganed.

E.g.: Sarah is painting at Enforcer level (6SS/month), and she’s needed to mulligan for the third time. She announces that for the upcoming month, she’ll paint 12SS. If she does so, she’s back in the Challenge!

At such a time, it might be worthwhile considering dropping down a category, but that’s up to Sarah!

Miniature Values:


  • Almost all models count as their Soulstone value; but
  • Masters count for 15 soulstones.
  • Zero cost models count for 5 soulstones.
  • Proxies (constructed from Wyrd models) count for their proxy value.

The Other Side

  • Titans count for 25 soulstones.
  • Commanders count for 15 soulstones.
  • Adjunct models count for 5 soulstones.


  • A 30mm base model is worth 5 soulstones.
  • A 40mm base model is worth 7 soulstones.
  • A 50mm base model is worth 10 soulstones.
  • Markers count for 2 soulstones if they're flat, or 5 soulstones if they're 3D and fancy


  • ·       Scatter Piece (5SS): A modest piece of terrain, or a small number of scattered terrain pieces. These are the spray-can and dry-brush pieces.
  • ·       Focus Piece (10SS): A terrain piece that represents a focal point of pride in a terrain board. These pieces require a decent amount of construction and painting.
  • ·       Centre Piece (20SS): A terrain piece that is a significant centrepiece to the terrain. A handmade forest, a mausoleum, or a train engine.
  • ·       Masterpiece (50SS): A gorgeous, unique terrain piece that makes people wonder if you get out much.
  • ·       War and Peace (100SS): A complete, themed 3’x3’ terrain board.

My very best for July, and the second half of 2020!


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Top Posters In This Topic

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Finished the new Molly sculpt and the new Rabble Risers

@Caedrus My July pledge completed (48ss total) Thanks again to @Stranglelove for taking the pictures

Hi there!!!  I finished the Obsidian Oni for this month! This adds up to 7ss x3 = 21 SS   Been super busy this month so i went quite fast with those guys, not my best work, but i'm pret

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A Special July Challenge

So, this month, I thought I would ask you, my fellow painters, who are your inspirational painters?

If you're anything like me (well, my commiseration, for a start), you might watch some regular painting blogs / vlogs / youtube channels.

Who do you watch? What do you read?

Now, my immediate answer will be Bob Ross, because, well, it's Bob Ross.

However, for miniature painting, my faves are:

  1. Serpentarium. One of the painters who spent quite a bit of time on this forum, @Ringil, and the rest of the Serpentarium team have done lots of delightful Malifaux models. [LINK]
  2. Sorastro. Probably my best pick for a painter who had good brush control, but then wanted to develop better and better techniques. Sorastro's skills have grown along with his channel. If you feel like you'd like to take your painting skills up a notch, but find some other channels or painters intimidating, then have a look at Sorastro. [LINK]
  3. Doctor Faust. This channel has its good and bad. While his narration isn't quite what a lot of painters might like, he uses a simple technique to great effect. Diluted layer, after diluted layer. If you wanted to make your painting smoother, he's a great place to start. [LINK]

Honourable mention:

BuyPainted. This painter doesn't post any more, but if you're starting out with an airbrush, this painter combines very simple brushwork with very simple airbrush work, to create a very pleasing, high-tabletop standard. [LINK]

There are, of course, lots of others. Who do you watch / what do you read?


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Nice to see new Molly and other minis from her crew assembled - looks like Wyrd is getting better with details with each version.


I will take this month slow - will be out for ~3 weeks so pledging only these three Gamin for now - will probably get round to painting them in the final days of July.



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I’m going to pledge Ulix and his box set. Hoping to squeeze in a few more but hate over promising. I’ll have to think about painters but Duncan Rhodes would be one of them. Great tutorials and simple techniques that yield great results and very good for beginners. A blast from the past would be Jeremie Bonament Teboul, French painter that made a dvd years ago that I still refer to. And finally Jennifer Haley another inspirational painter from my past.

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For July I'm planning on finishing up the Carrion Effigy and then, hopefully finishing up the rest of my Nightmare crew I currently have with the spiders and last Daydream. Bonus points if I get to Vasilisa or Hinnamatsu, who I've had fun modding a bit.


For the July challenge, I feel I'm a bit of an oddity, but I tend to avoid watching much YouTube in general, and generally Google written directions of a given technique I want to try out, or ask for direction on a WIP I'm struggling with in the Wyrd Minis Painting FB group.

That said, there are a few recognizable names I've looked up here and there:

1) Angel Giraldez - had to look him up after seeing his work on Wyrd's models, and found his videos on how to use an airbrush helpful where many articles had failed me.

2) Shoshie Bauer - my partner started following her when picking up Kingdom Death, and while I tend to look at her picture posts more than videos, her work is gorgeous and inspiring.

3) Craig Shipman - the man himself from Third Floor Wars, I've found Craig's advice on making colors pop on the table top to be invaluable, and was happy to find him in fairly active in giving both praise and advice in the FB group I mentioned.

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Well this month I'm painting a mix of hungry sea monsters and African soldiers;


The Gupps are intended to be Egg Clutch proxies, but i guess this technically means I'm painting Malifaux this month!

To be honest i rarely watch other painters videos, with maybe one recent exception - Goobertown Hobbies.  This guy is the Bob Ross of tabletop painters, and a joy to watch. :)

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TdbCngf.jpgBrewmaster time, followed by Misaki.

Three favorite painters to watch/read:

Duncan Rhodes

Darren Latham


Plus tons of Honorable Mentions: Sorastro, Pete the Wargamer, Mezgike, Robpaintsmodels, Squidmar, Midwinter Minis, The Painting Coach. 

Whenever I need inspiration or help understanding a miniature, I usually look up videos and pictures. The number one impediment that keeps me from painting is not knowing color scheme.

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Hi there!   This july is gonna be weird for work reasons, i hope i'll find the time and inspiration to paint.

The victims this month will be the 3 obsidian oni, and with this I'll have finished my Asami crew 👏


As for video reccomendations all of them from youtube, there's lots i like, but let's try not to repeat any of the previously mentioned

1- NJM marco frisoni:  If you have 1 hour to spend, watch his "color theory" playlist.
2- Vince venturella:  the "hobby cheating" guy, lovely explanations of hundreds of topics
3- Kujo Painting: very nice tutorials, some of them with mali minis

Honorable mention: Miniac: Maybe not my favourite painter, but most definitely my favourite host andf the most entertaining videos, covers losts of topics in a fun way.

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@Caedrus Few things need correcting with my part of the spreadsheet:

I didn't Mulligan in January. I also have a different SS count for March, but looking back at that thread I did write it poorly back then. Here's how things ought to be:

January 10ss Yasunori
February 10ss Silent Knight (Killjoy alt)
March 30ss Minako Rei box + one Tanuki
April 5ss Tanuki
May 5ss Wandering River Monk
June Mulligan

Looking forward to get back into this.


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29 minutes ago, Purple Mist said:


I'm a bit late this month....... Anyway I'll pledge Alt. Hungering Darkness.

Aiming for the usual purple or something else?

And did that assembly guide come with the box or did you print it?


@Stranglelove Sweet brew crew. Gets me pumped for my own Whiskey Golem.

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@Caedrus Samurai for 9ss

Struggled with the gun for a few days. Painted myself into a corner with it I feel. I left it for last and using such a limited set of colours elsewhere on the mini didn't leave me much choice. Finally ended up mixing my blue and dark grey basecolours and running with that. There's pink in the bullet tips on the ammobelt, but otherwise the gun is without pink bits. I considered adding some but I feel it works without any.

Overall I quite dig this piece. Especially considering it's something of a comeback mini for me, hobbywise. This spring has been my worst painting slump in years. Enough of that though, here's the one and only (out of three) Samurai:


Listened to a lot of "Space Ninjas from Hell" while painting this guy. Victorius isn't my favourite cheese metal band, but it's one of their better albums and the mood fit the model. Here's Super Sonic Samurai.


If I had to name one inspirational painter above all others, it'd have to be Roman Lappat / Massive Voodoo.  What really gets to me is the attitude. The Philosophy. Whatever you want to call it. There's a lot of emotional painting there. Lots of happy painting. Paint your own thing and enjoy doing it. It gives me good hobby vibes. 

For the youtubes I've got a few regulars:

Dr Faust's Painting Clinic - Unlike Caedrus I really enjoy it for the narration. Probably the best (for me) in painting youtube video business. He's an old soft spoken geek. It's a demeanour I find very appealing. Much as I enjoy the actual content of some younger, more 'hip' content producers, their delivery is often a bit too loud for my taste.

Vince Venturella's Hobby Cheating - Probably the single most comprehensive free video tutorial resource online. At 249 episodes and counting you can find most things in there. It's good. Check it out.

I'll end with a double feature of Trovarion and Kujo Painting. Good teachers with decent libraries of videos to check out. Kujo has memes if you like. Trovarion has a bit more deadpan approach to humour. 

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3 hours ago, Nikodemus said:

Aiming for the usual purple or something else?

And did that assembly guide come with the box or did you print it?


@Stranglelove Sweet brew crew. Gets me pumped for my own Whiskey Golem.

@Nikodemus first of all congrats for your Samurai; metal-non-metal is a tecnique I never tried yet.

I bought my model times ago: it was a 2E box. So I printed the assembly guide myself. I've not a clear idea about the palette I'll use: blue colour will be the starting point....... Most important thing is I'm back painting minis after a year painting building...... although I have till some scenic to complete.

@Stranglelove, great job with your Brewmaster crew. I admire your brown palette. When I've to paint wood I use a lot of waters and inks getting very dark colours; you got a bright and lightful woodden-like palette.

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