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Waldo's Weekly - Just Like Me

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Hey Wyrdos,

Ever feel like things are just running too smoothly? Is your group of Fated hopelessly lost, unable to pick up on the most obvious clues you’ve so lovingly planted in your adventure? Need a way to incorporate that new One-Shot into your campaign? Well, we are pleased to announce that we have a most elegant solution for you.


Enter Klaus Norwood, a Mimic investigator, spymaster, tea aficionado, and all-around morally gray character. Despite not having ears or eyes (or a nose, for that matter), Klaus is a fantastic observer. He can find out almost anything for anyone… assuming he’s fairly compensated for his efforts. While he might be a little expensive, there’s nobody quite like Klaus to save the day with a well-placed bit of blackmail. Of course, you can also hire one of the Mimic’s other personalities. Klaus seems to know people everywhere he goes, and that can open many doors, indeed.


Check out this Augment if you’d like to learn more about our beloved Klaus and include him in your own Through the Breach campaigns!

That’s all for this week Wyrdos. What would you ask Klaus if he came around? What are you expecting your Fated group to inquire about? Do you think Klaus is a snappy dresser? Let us know!

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Im looking forward to putting this guy in my TtB games. I could see making enough money to pay him being the hook for plenty of adventures. “We need to find out who wants us dead, and only Klaus can tell us, but we’re broke. Guess it’s time to plan a heist!”

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LOL, reminds me of the mimic investigator I had when I was the Fatemaster, they met the guy on the first day and did not find out he was a mimic till about 80-85% through the campaign.  Last session right near the end when they had almost accomplished everything one of my players turned around and attacked him.  Player stated he had been planning to kill him long time ago for manipulating them but had waited till they had gotten what they want.  Rest of the party just sort of let him and the Mimic fight while they finished their stuff, player getting the mimic in the end.  Hopefully this one does better than mine.

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