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This is my thoughts as well. I am hung up on the words “failed attack.”

what through me off is that A, finger on the trigger makes fastest gun almost useless and B, the words DF trigger are separated from the paragraph about mechanics. 

I don’t think they chain that would be broken. 

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5 hours ago, Picasso said:

B, the words DF trigger are separated from the paragraph about mechanics. 

Huh?  The entry for Fastest Gun consists of three paragraphs:

  • Paragraph of background material
  • Paragraph of background material
  • The paragraph defining the defensive trigger, and saying that the player gets it.

That paragraph with the defensive trigger is the mechanics for that ability.


Mechanically, Fastest Gun cannot happen as a result of a the ranged attack that fails due to Finger on the Trigger because the sequence gets resolved like so:

  • Enemy character X declares Charge Action or Ranged Action targeting the model
    • Character with Finger on the Trigger makes ranged attack against X.
    • If the attack succeeds, X's action fails.

When the rules say that an action fails, that's failure in the "Go to Jail (Do not pass Go, do not collect $200)" sense.  The action fails, you do not attempt to resolve a duel for the action, and because there's no duel no triggers can be declared.  


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