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I've been playing a little bit with Reva lately. I haven't had a lot of luck with the Mourners personally. I think they're better suited in Redchapel if at all. Shieldbearers are great and I like the Draugrs too. They die pretty easily but hit hard in the fighty strategies/schemes. 


PS - I live in Chicago now but grew up in Revere - go Red Sox!

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Hi Antyctus,

I haven't played Reva, but I've played against her a few times and I think her starter box, which I believe has not changed between editions, should give you a pretty solid foundation to start from. The other units with the Revenant keyword that you may want to look into are Draugr and Lampads, but I don't think these purchases will be totally necessary until you've had a few games with the starter box and Mourners. The full list of Revenant models can be found here on the Wyrd website

I'm away from Boston until August, but when we can lighten up social distancing and I return, I'd love to get in a game. Good luck and welcome to Malifaux!

Quick edit:

The Carrion Fate boxed set, which include the Carrion Effigy and Carrion Emissary, may also be a good purchase at some point. These are both versatile models that can be used in any Resser crew, so if you decide to start playing McMourning, they'll come in handy too. The Carrion Emissary has pretty decent offensive potential with it's "Rot and Rend" attack (I think that's what it's called), and if I remember correctly, it has an ability to create a line of sight and mobility-denying obstacle the size of two conjoint 50mm bases that can really throw a wrench in your opponents' plans by screening your units, blocking chargers, etc... 

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