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Some custom work benches, or "Puppet Wars Project, part 1"


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So, I've been on and off with Puppet Wars for years. I was here for the first launch, buying, trading and selling puppets here on the forums, painting, planning custom pieces, etc. I got excited with Unstitched, then disappointed when they didn't put out any expansions, finally just selling my puppets and moving on to other things.

I finally got my act together now (8 years later?!) and started working on my set in earnest. I picked up 2 copies of Unstitched and at least 1 of most metals (other than Lucius, Colette, Cassandra and the Teddies), with plans for house rules for the Widow Weaver ( a converted Mysterious Effigy) and Stitched Togethers (using the "Bear-ly Together" alternate minis). I also want custom-made work benches and impassable terrain pieces.

So, step 1 complete: my work benches are finished. I have my impassable terrain mostly assembled, just need final assembly and painting, so I'll do a post for them soon, too. Hope you guys enjoy and hope Wyrd eventually comes to their senses and starts supporting this game again!






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Out of curiosity, would you be willing to sell your stat cards from the second copy of Unstitched?  I have been working on assembling a metal set of Puppet Wars, and I've managed to assemble and paint 3x all the pawns from the base game, which I believe means I have everything except Hooded Rider from Unstitched. 

I know a lot of people like the complex rules from the first edition stat cards, but I think the Unstitched rules would be enough easier that I'd get to play more often (especially since my kids are 4 & 6 yrs old, which means I'm stuck waiting a while to have gaming buddies at home to learn all the ins & outs of a complex game).

* * *

P.S. -- I put magnets on the bottom of all my Puppet Wars minis so that I could store them in a cookie tin that I bought from Goodwill, then also wound up buying a set of metal washers at the hardware store & painting a dozen in each of four bright, solid colors.  I'm quite happy with this, because it makes it easy to glance at the board and see which minis are on which team.

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