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Sonnia is the star of the crew! Opponent will probably do everything they can to kill her! (lots of traumas from last edition I think! 😉 ) She really like to get lots of focused and movement help! so the steward is a nice choice for the focused and the Pale Rider/Mounted Guard/Pathfinder/Investigator could help with her movement issue.  Her best turns are when she's blasting 3 times with as much focused as possible! She is also deceptively strong in melee! If you think she will get charge later in the turn, activate smoldering soul and watch them take lots of burning and dmg! Also this goes well with counterspell! (I really wish there was no range with this ability! 😕 ) Always think about Smoldering Flame! It could ruin the day of many crew and support models, but it's really easy to forget and opponent won't think about it so you have to remember it! This could be a game changing ability! 😉 


Sanctionned spellcasters are squishy but fast schemers when near a ss user. My prefered choice to bodyguard them is Samael!


The Thralls are your heavy dmg dealer! They hit like a truck but aren't that tanky! So choose your engagement! They become very mobile when a Witchling Handler is near!


The Purifying flame is an excellent schemer and you could also use him to suicide bomb the enemy crew if they bunch up! Give burning and dmg to a lot of model and this will set up Sonnia! Also he's very easy to resummon with Scorch the Soul!


Stalkers aren't that good for hiring! When you manage to summon they are nice but I only hire one if I know I need more condition removal than the steward can give me!

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Getting use out Smothering Flame seems like one of the important skills you need for her crew. As the opponent it added a lot of mental pressure to my positioning which allows for more of my mistakes. It also engenders more clumping which lets all of those blasts shine further.

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Played with Sonnia against Von Schill a few days ago. Won 6-2 with this list. 

Sonnia with Lead Lined Coat

Purifying Flame 

Witchling Thrall with No Prisoners 

Witchling Thrall with No Prisoners

Sammael Hopkins 

Guild Steward 

Sanctioned Spellcaster 

Witchling Handler 

2 extra Soul Stones 

I scored two on Public Enemies, two on Spread Them Out and two on Catch and Release. 

I used the Spellcaster and the Flame to run to the corners and drop markers on his side for Spread Them Out. The Flame just kept dropping markers on his side the rest of the game, the Spell Caster dropped another, which gave me plenty of schemes to score the second point of Spread Them Out at the end. One thrall made it to the middle untouched and dropped a scheme. 

Von Schill came at me hard and wrapped up the other Thrall which scored me a point for Catch and Release. The Thrall was healed like crazy by the Steward and made it across for the second point of Catch and Release. Sonnia damaged Schill really well, but died. The Thrall then killed Von Schill. There was some more killing for each side, but overall my army held up better than his since he had to endure a lot of shooting on the way in to melee. 

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