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Models and keywords that need a boost/redesign

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On 6/8/2020 at 10:30 PM, RisingPhoenix said:

@ShinChan It's really hard to have a discussion when you're saying stuff like Toshiro is a beater.  Like... Toshiro.  A beater.  The fuck is that?

I can almost go down the list.  Actually, I think I will because that's how badly this pissed me off.  I will highlight in RED every time you manage to find a beater with 2 AP.  

  • Sensei Yu

Really?  Did you read his card.  He has a bonus action to give another model fast.  There's his third AP.  Right there on the card.

  • Kang

Literally pulses out focus (an action) to every friendly model within 4".  

  • Bill Algren

He has "GAINS FAST" on the front of his card!

  • Toshiro

... a beater.  Hey, what's the AP efficiency on summoning again?  

He summons, buffs nearby minions, and can make them Focus+attack.  It's like he's a General!  Also, he's a general.  An annoying thing in a VS crew, him buffing Undergraduates and Students and summoning things to protect VS.    All outside his activation, like he's not a beater or something!  

  • Manos

Has Leap on the back of his card. Always hits the suit.  Also has Assassin (Gain fast) making this potentially a 4 AP model

  • Datsue Ba

A beater.  She has obeys on her card.  We'll ignore that she's usually taken for Lantern, but... a beater?  Really?  SHE CAN SUMMON among other things.

  • Montresor

A beater.   Are you kidding?  Monty is the furthest thing from a beater.  He literally sits in the middle of their crew and has an aura to do damage and stop them from losing staggered.  Yes, he occasionally executes things, but he does tons of out-of-activation damage off the aura.  

I honestly don't know how you can look at a model who does 2-3 damage to everything Staggered in 6" (as well as making Staggered never end), look at his card, and go "yes, he's here to hit things".  He's about as obviously Aura-centric as Candy.  

  • Barbados

A truly bad model, but hell, you finally hit a relevant example.

  • Thoon

And a second example!  Euripides, how is he as a master?  Not the best?  Hmmm.  Although he does have a trigger to bury things that can cost a fair few AP.  But that's not a 3rd AP.  

  • Hayreddin

Can summon.  Did you just list every 9 soulstone model in the damn game? He has an aura that creates Terror Tots.  

  • Bad Juju

Oh my, Bad Juju.  How could he ever get extra actions in a Zorida crew?  Lemme check.  

I don't see him taken out of keyword very often, it's true.  It's almost like the keyword gets bad beaters because of Zorida's insane efficiency with obeys!

  • Angel Eyes

Another terrible model!  Although we note she's a sniper, not a beater so maybe you don't get credit.  She's still terrible though, so there's that.  

  • Francisco Ortega

He literally has Flurry on the front of his card.  Are you even trying?  

  • Dr. Grimwell

Has nimble on the front of the card.  3 AP.  FFS.  And there's all the rest of the ways he does so much more than hit things with a hammer - like literally denying points by making Hidden Martyrs not trigger when you kill a Martyr target, or preventing your opponent from scoring in Leylines because the model with the Lodestone doesn't exist for scoring purposes.  

He's a point denial machine. Killing things is almost besides the point.  His efficiency comes from making your opponent unable to score, something that's outside the realm of "AP" in many respects.  

  • Lenny Jones

Has an AOE aura that gives every gremlin in 8" +1 to duels outside their activation.  That means every defensive flip.  He's trading 1 AP for an aura that gives everything (including him) +1 Df/Wp.  Called "Gremlin General" for a reason y'know.  But hey, I'll take +1 Df/Wp on every model within 8" of Taelor (including her).  That's exactly the sort of buff I'd get behind.  

  • Snow Storm

Gives a friendly model a Move action.  Also brings a -2 ranged damage aura that renders shooting nearly pointless, but hey, lets just look at the lightning bolt that literally hands out a free action to another model (usually an Ice Golem). 

  • Kudra

Another AOE aura.  And a really obnoxious bonus action... lure-ish thing?  Mostly it moves things through Pyre markers and into engagement with Fire golems, and other things they don't want to do.  As a bonus.  


Honestly, they tried to give Taelor one too.  It's Welcome to Malifaux.  It only has the possibility of going off against a small number of crews, and even then it's easily dodgeable.  Dreamer even summons things that are totally immune to it.  I think it's pretty straightforward to say that crews that are supposed to be good at something should have models that are actually good at it.  If a crew that's all about melee beaters doesn't have great melee beaters... what the hell?  It's bad design.

Also how did you do all that and miss McTavish a 9 soulstone beater who is genuinely bad?  His third AP is tied to an incredibly inconsistent action that includes a mandatory 2" push (can easily make him leave engagement) and whose outcome is random as hell - meaning you have to cheat a suit to get it.  Hey!  It's like having your third AP tied to summoning, something only a handful of models in the entire game do!  And not even just summoning, summoning AND conditional, AND you discard a card!  Flurry just needs the card discard, not the incredibly restrictive condition.

Is it because McTavish is so bad he's actually worse than Taelor?  Dammit, it is.  You realized he made the point perfectly.

Hell man what wrong with 10t ? and how do u think what sensei is beater. Btw his bonus make fast not him he is good model and great support but not beater. and what about kang he is trash and need buff

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