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Hi All,


New to this forum, I never played before and I got asked to join up on this game. Looking into the playstyle and miniatures I like, I prity much came very fast out on Pandora. SO I got this box (3rd edition). I do not paint myself, so I am now in the stage of buying miniatures, so I can send it all out to be painted, but I have no clue wat to buy besides the Core Box....

Could somebody point me out on the models I need to buy to flesh out the crew of Pandora to give me options to be put lists on the table please? Its not so much I need to save money, but a priority would be very nice. At this point I am only intrested in Pandora, and not the whole Neverborn Faction :)


Thanks in Advance,



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I only played a bit of Pandora, but from what I've seen you'll probably want to consider:

  • Core box (which you already have).
  • Juvenile Deliquents (Iggy + Aversions, by all accounts both models are quite good).
  • Teddy or Carver (or both)
  • Hooded Rider (though not all people like to have this one).

Lyssa are probably not necessary for the crew, but I think most people would have some models from the core box + Teddy or Carver as core, with a bit of other stuff mixed in.

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Welcome to Malifaux

One thing that Wyrd have done to really help new players is the keyword system, every master has a keyword and models within that keyword are going to synergise in some way with others in that keyword. The nice thing is all the boxes are now marked up with the keywords so it is easier to see what models expand your collection.

Pandora plays pretty keyword heavy however two of the boxes that support her keyword are not out yet (Juvenile Delinquents and the Lyssa), as Maniacal above has mentioned Teddy is a solid option and has synergy with baby Kade, Carver is just a good all round model as is the hooded rider. I would also say that Hinamatsu is a good buy as she is a very good versatile model.

If you haven't already I suggest downloading the app, its free and has all of the models stat profiles included, lets you build crews and has a great search function.

Hop that helps

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The Juvenile Delinquents and lyssa boxsets are currently under July releases, and releases are generally the end of the month. 

I'd also suggest looking at the Mysterious Emissary, it can create hazardous terrain that you can use misery to push enemy models into. They take damage from being pushed into it, then either take damage to leave or they stay in and take damage anyway.

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Pandora and Teddy makes for a great base. 

Delinquents and Carver fill up the keyword, and I’d advice you to stop there, get some games in and find out, what you want next. 


For further support look to the versatiles Hinamatsu and Hoody Rider makes for some nice variation to tailor the matchup. 

Serena Bowman of the Nightmares is a great addition to any crew. Indeed Nightmares have great synergy with Woes and the Dreamer is a great master to branch into. 

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Everything said above, but do note if you like the game, you will almost certainly be buying more masters soon and staying in faction gives you more versatility. Dreamer/Nightmare is very good and also has a fair amount of cross over with Pandora/Woe - Carver/Teddy/Serena/versatiles.

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