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Neverborn - Henchman Hardcore

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Been introducing new players to the ‘faux, and found that HH is excellent for this, but was thinking about how people build their crews for it.

My NVBs looks like this :

Lord Chompy Bits, Serena Bowman, 2x Insidious Madness

Candy, Miss Ery, Baby Kade, Sorrow

How do yours look?

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Hinamatsu seems super solid in HH. Maybe something like:

Widow weaver (leader)



<any model>


Could be good? Would be very solid for getting the bombs down and keeping the leader alive. Meanwhile Hinamatsu could Vendetta hard, and they might not be prepared for armor since she isn't the leader.

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I haven’t given this a thought- last time I played HH was M2E and is the reason I randomly own Nix.


I’d probably be seen trying something like:

HhCc Nightmare WP Healers (Neverborn)
Size: 30 - Pool: 1
  Widow Weaver
  Will o' the Wisp
  Insidious Madness
  Stitched Together
  Wicked Doll

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47 minutes ago, Maniacal_cackle said:

Check the app, set a game to gaining grounds 1 HH.

You can do that but it's just changing the strat and schemes to the same suit and numbers. HH is supposed to be played with GG0 rules as the GG1 rule sheet says

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27 minutes ago, Thatguy said:

Been thinking about:


Black Blood Shaman

Black blood Shaman 2

Mysterious Effigy + Effigy of Fate

No summoning in HH, but you can still replace. Low cost stuff cuts down on vendetta targets.  Valissa is also an option, if you really want to grow a BBS turn 1.

That also crossed my mind, but I'm not sure how good it'd be on the table. HH is very fast paced with both a Wedge deployment and the strategy being able to being scored from turn 1; that list is very vulnerable in turns 1-2 and there is a good chance you have to use SS to shot your own models for corpses with Hayreddin (you have 4 cards and need 4 masks to grow both BBSs...), shamans might even be at 5-4 Wds at some point.

It's worth a shot but it seems a risky list; either you risk being tabled in turn 2 deploying forward or you have to deploy very conservatively, give free VPs up in turns 1 and 2, then try to recover from turns 3 to 5 with your fully grown force.

I'd definitelly pick a list with Vasilisa, grow the BBS in turn 1 and use Vasilisa to double walk and the Effigy to drop the first explosive in turn 1 (puppets aren't the best at defending them with 0'' engagement range tho). Or just a list with 3 Youngs or 2 Youngs plus 1 BBS, those :+flip and fly with me are quite good in HH.

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Hinamatsu and Stitcheds are amazing in HH, extra cards from :+flipor LD are noticeable with a hand of only 4 cards on top of having Armor. I like that crew, Kunoichi may feed Serena Focused and then Serena may heal herself; very combat focused tho, there are little mobility tricks to drop the bombs.

Kunoichis are amazing tbh; the poster girl of a toolkit model. From having min 3/4 damage when going with the main crew (4 with Youko tho, with Hinamatsu is not that easy to reach that), able to support giving give Focused almost like a Tanuki (with some chip damage but without TN), cicling cards with tool for the job or with I've got your back and also legit on their own thanks to the No Witnesses trigger and Reposition to disengage on top of decent defensive tech.

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1 hour ago, extremor said:


list looks nice as it seems quite strong in melee. Even though the kunoichi look good I was wondering if a single Coryphee would be better to score the „bombing“? -just for the sake of agile. 

Hinamatsu has a ton of good options having 2 keywords with very good out of faction options, She is even leader material in non-HH games imho. In this particular list I think I'd change the Stitcheds for the Coryphee instead of the Kunoichi tho, but both options seems legit.

A killer pair for this strategy with Hina leader could be Vasilisa + Shadow effigy; both are enforcers so they can carry 4 bombs in total; Vasilisa can carry the effigy and the effigy has remember the mission that is a poor's man don't mind me in case things get hairy. And that leaves 9SS (7SS with the EoF in the effigy or an upgrade in Hina) to include another good combat model to assist Hinamatsu in the center brawl.

Another way would be Hina, Duet, Doll + any 6SS model of choice (Stitcheds would be a good pick, but also a effigy or even effigy + EoF). The first turn the duet may dance apart putting both bombs in one coryphee that will take off (getting the bombs and the possible vendetta target), leaving the other coryphee to help in the center brawl. Picking an effigy + EoF may be cheesy as the duet would likely be the only legal target for vendetta (and catching a fleeying Coryphee isn't easy) and the Effigy+EoF from turn 3 will be a good vendetta model.

Or even combat crews less focused on Puppets using some of the out of faction tools: Kabuki + Serena/Candy/Doppleganger + 1 Mannequin/Effigy of choice (I like Lucky for this one, Wp slow, good aura for a 4 card hand, stat 5 knife and can carry 2 bombs; but also Hodgepodge in the Dopple's version). The Kabuki hits hard, Candy discard versus a hand of 4 cards is punishing and Wp attacks in model affected by a Distraction aura are VERY reliable. Alternatively the Doppleganger has don't mind me and can copy Hinamatsu/Kabuki attacks. Plus 2/3 Lures in case the other crew has a lot of mobile models.

As said above, lots of good and cool options.

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