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2020 Monthly Painting Challenge - June

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boo The happy family Not sure what else to do with the basing that won't distract from the models. Baby Kade needs something and I lost his little bea

Done with Asami. Togheter with the tengus will make a total of 27ss for june.    

A few random small minis for a total of 42ss (more to come hopefully)   More pics at http://www.whatthefaux.net/2020/06/nightmares-and-cats.html

Posted Images

Great job everyone! Lovely work on display as always :)


This is going to be my first mulligan, I didn't have the courage to paint. Hopefully I'll get back on track next month, I even bought Titania's box.

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Caedrus, checking in!

It's looking promising, folks! I may actually paint exactly what I pledged for June. It's unheard of! I've been watching everyone's work, and as usual, it's lovely! Here are my thoughts, for what it's worth!

@Viruk: Two lovely sets of Silent Ones, Blessed and Hoarcats! Are you doing a set for a friend as well?  The desaturated cloaks / horns / hoarcat coats are very nice. I stayed mostly in variations of blue for mine, but your (far more realistic) ones are lovely! I love the grungy nightmares, as well.

@Hellomurse: A nice Amina and Alexei! A few picked out highlights could really make some of the details really stand out. Good colour combination in the yellow – orange – red range.

@Purple Mist: Can you describe your marbling technique in a touch more detail? It’s a subtle but very pretty effect. Also, I love the warmer, iridescent purple cloth in contrast to the cold stone. Nice! Another delightful piece of scenery!

@GlowingFruit: Nice pig! If you wanted an opinion, I think a wash of a darker red tone (or just picking out the shadow detail) would make this war pig even more intimidating. Oh, and when I paint my Mah model, I WILL be stealing your check-fabric style. It’s just perfect.

@GroundPounderX: That’s a very pretty stolen scene there. It tells a very nice story of life and death. The yellow and green is so alive, in contrast to the actual girl. Nice.

@Diddick: Was Asami fun to paint? I’ve never been interested in that figure. You’ve done the figure justice, though - lovely fabric on her, and the solemn facial expression is perfect. The red/green/yellow balance on the tengu is absolutely perfect. Just the right amount of each, I reckon.

@DanButler83: I do love that miniature. So evocative and silly. I think I’d have to put airmen’s goggles on the pig, though! If you wanted a critique, a light tan drybrush over the wood and rope would make them stand out, and even some brighter silver (and/or rust) would make the spikes even more menacing!

@Stranglelove: The contrast paints on your Pandora crew are absolutely delightful. Pretty much everyone has enough texture on the sculpts to make it a great combination of easy and cohesive! It worked better on Teddy’s fur than I would have envisioned. Just perfect colour choice there. I like Diddick’s idea about the candles.

@Chou: Loving that draugr! The warm clothes are a perfect counterpoint to the desaturated, low contrast skin. A very simple, lovely figure.

@Boomstick: This model reminds me of the very first model I did for the painting challenge! I think the OSL would be more subtle in real life. Itlooks super-strong here, but that might just be lighting! I’ve been cheating my OSL lately by just doing very directed airbrushing!

Keep on painting, folks!


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@Caedrus thanks for the nice words ^^.  TBH Asami's mini was no way near any of my favourite sculpts (fun fact, i liked it more while painting it, i don't know why, something about the details i guess...), when i face one of those I try to think how to make the process more interesting, in this case the "forced motivation" was trying to give a spooky ghostly vibe in the face, and speed paint the fabric (I spent much more time in the tengu cloak than on asami's dress).  I also experimented with the hair, the base color is dark blue and then washed with black, a lot, result: can't tell if it really makes a difference, so lesson learned 😬

@Viruk I really like the color pics of bases and minis, and the work in the fur is amazing 👏

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@Caedrus, I thank you for the kind words of apreciation about my attempts with marbling painting.

I already described the tecnique here:

Let me know you would like to get into some more specific detail.

As regard my pledge for the current month I have just finished the centerpice scenic and I'll manage to post as regard soon.

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closing my pledge for current month I have to add Rosacroce (The  Church) and its Tower, for 50ss.





Buy the outer side, this time I painted also the inner side of the main building where I placed some resin scenics I already presented during current month pledge: Altar and Sarchophagi.

The ceiling cross-shaped has been spawned with leds and a dedicated electric cirtuit to switch them on/off. You can see some "by night" pictures at "24 hours in Malifaux".

The Tower has been painted with a mix of traditional air-paints, GSW Colour Shifting paints and marbling paints.

More pics of the Church and the Tower, surrounded by other buildings at my topic, "24 hours in Malifaux":

For @Caedrus, my overall for current month was 95ss, if I'm not wrong.

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Posted (edited)

...meanwhile, it's evening on July 1st in Australia, and imgur still refuses to let me upload images...

Ha! I found a workaround!

Caedrus, reporting in!

Folks, it has taken me a couple of years, but I’ve finally done it. I’ve actually painted what I’ve pledged, rather than getting sidetracked by something shiny!

Here they are:

First up, the Blessed of December:


So this lovely lady was a quick job. In retrospect, I might have worked in a few more browns in there, but the desolate whites and blues fit in with the theme. Happy with this one.

Second, the Malifaux Child:


He’s almost anime with those big eyes! I tried to evoke a sense of pathos in this figure. I was tempted to do a rain-slick ground, but instead, a green sewer drain will suffice!

Third, my Prospectors!


A very useful versatile unit, I know there will see a bit of board time. They’re also very nice models. The female is hardest to paint, due to the arms over the chest, and the pipe. I toyed around with everything here. A bit of NMM, some freehand, and obviously, a lot of OSL. I decided that in my games, Soulstone was purple. Why, you ask? Simple. Because purple. I’ve been using my airbrush for a lot of my OSL effects, and I have yet to find an easier way of doing it!

So, that’s my June targets cleared, and now, some big guys to tackle in July!

I’ll update the spreadsheet early next week. Until then, take care, look after yourselves, and keep painting!


Edited by Caedrus
Found an imgur workaround!
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3 hours ago, Caedrus said:

...meanwhile, it's evening on July 1st in Australia, and imgur still refuses to let me upload images...

I should of used that excuse to get me an extra day ;)

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@Caedrus  So here's what i painted this past month;




9x Speckled Crawlers for 45SS total (the tenth one was painted a few months back). 

The Mehal Sefari are still in progress (next month!), but i did manage to finish these three minis for Relic Knights;


... which finally brings me to a full warband;


Nobody currently plays the game around here, but it's nonetheless nice to get them done. :)

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On 6/15/2020 at 6:45 AM, Gloomy said:

3. More turquoise ahoy! Sadly these 2 are out of production. GW Glazes Guilliman Blue and Waywatcher Green. I use these a lot for blue glowey bits or green glowey bits, but more importantly to be mixed together to go with my number 2. I love these 2 glazes and I've tried to replicate it by creating my own but its never come out quite as good. Currently using sparingly 

@Gloomy due to my love of your minis, i just picked up the last of both of these from my gameshop.  Guess I gotta play around with em a bit to see if I fall in love with em like you did... if not maybe I should just mail em to you, haha.

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4 hours ago, muraki said:

@Gloomy due to my love of your minis, i just picked up the last of both of these from my gameshop.  Guess I gotta play around with em a bit to see if I fall in love with em like you did... if not maybe I should just mail em to you, haha.

Thanks for the compliment dude :) You'll like them methinks, but if not I'll happily buy them off you

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Hi everyone, sorry for vanishing. This was a weird month for me, and with everything going on in the world I had zero motivation to hobby.

i managed to paint Perdita in the last days of the month for 15ss, but other than that it’ll be a mulligan for me.


and here’s a picture of the completed Family keyword


see you in July!

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