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Talking about if oriental architecture is a good fluffwise idea

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Hi folks!

I am thinking about to start a table design for Malifaux in a very long distance.
Unfortunately, I have a very short knowledge about lore because there isn't available in my language (At the moment, read things like novels, etc... is very tired to me), so I wan to ask...

Is there oriental architecture inside Malifaux's City? Maybe somes settlements? Is more correct to fusion oriental and victorian architectures?

There is no doubt that an Oriental table could be very nice, but I want to know this first.

Thanks for yours responses!

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In the part of the city that is inhabited by humans, they've repurposed and rebuilt buildings to suit them. I believe one of the areas controlled by the Ten Thunders is called the Little Kingdom and is mostly Asian architecture since it is mostly inhabited by people from the Three Kingdoms. 

The Quarantine Zone has architecture from all different cultures and time periods, often jumbled together. So you could mix oriental and victorian buildings, or have larger areas all from one culture and still have it fit the fluff. 

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There is no doubt that Malifaux is a perfect place to use your imagination so hard jajaja.
I have got a "Water Chapel of Tadao Ando" model around. It was a class work and I think I can reuse it in a new mat.

Maybe nor the best but it is a beginning to try new mat's skills.

Later, I was watching Edo's architecture picture and there is so many buildings that I can reproduce easily using laser cut.

Thanks for responses!


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