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Parker Barrows vs Nekima

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My first game with Parker after the Beta. Initially I wanted to play Hamelin, but when I saw the encounter I wasn't sure how it was gonna perform, and I must admit I change my mind. 

Not gonna happen again. Also want to see how they perform. 

Encounter setup

Corrupted Leylines


Leave Your Mark, Vendetta, Research Mission, Catch and Release, Runic Binding. 


My crew

New Parker Barrows Crew (Outcasts)
Size: 50 - Pool: 6
  Parker Barrows
    Wanted Criminal
  Doc Mitchell
  Mad Dog Brackett
  Convict Gunslinger
    Soldier for Hire
  Wokou Raider

I went for Leave Your Mark and Research Mission. 

My opponent decided to go with

New Nekima Crew (Neverborn)
Size: 50 - Pool: 5
    Inhuman Reflexes
  Blood Hunter
    Inhuman Reflexes
  Corrupted Hound
  Corrupted Hound 2
  Black Blood Shaman
  Young Nephilim
  Young Nephilim 2
  Black Blood Shaman 2


Turn 1:

My crew mostly advanced and dropped markers for the second turn. The Lodestone was on the Prospector, who basically pushed toward one scheme marked up to the closest strategy marker and did her basic stuff, but flipped a severe with the Appraise and dropped a enemy scheme marker near Parker. 

My opponent gave the Lodestone on one of the Corrupted HoundsHounds and spread a bit. He did some corpse shenanigans, he approached too much one of the Young Nephilims, and Parker killed it thanks to a lucky red joker on damage, dropping one scheme marker of each (first attack dropped the enemy, and dropped the friendly when killed it. 

At the end of turn each claimed our nearest Corrupted Leyline. 


Turn 2:

The remaining Young Nephilim turned into a Mature, as also did one of the Black Blood Shamans. 

Parker made Mad Dog push and shoot Hinamatsu, and failed to shoot to Nekima. 

Mad Dog shot three times to Hinamatsu, who after using 3 stones was left at 3 wound to die. 

Hinamatsu charged to Mad Dog and left him at 5 Wd.

The Convict Gunslinger shot Nekima up to left her at 7 Wd. 

Nekima charged the Wokou, engaging also the Gunslinger, but only hit him once for 3 damage. 

The Mature from a Young charged Mad Dog, engaging also Doc Mitchell, but failed to hit him. 

Sue shot twice to Hinamatsu, dropping one enemy marker and letting her down to 1 Wd. 

The Prospector walked towards the Wokou Rider and threw the Lodestone towards him. 

The Hounds ran towards the Corrupted Leyline on my right flank, and kept out of LoS. 

The Wokou Rider disengaged from Nekima and charged again against her, but did little damage and suffered another damage from Black Blood. 

Doc Mitchell disengaged from the Mature and approached the Convict Gunslinger. 

End of turn 2:

Bandits +2 (Corrupted Leylines, Leave Your Mark) = 2

Nephilim +1 (Corrupted Leylines) = 1


Turn 3:

Sue started the turn big. First he singed Ring of Fire, triggering tomes and killing Hinamatsu. Them one-shot the Mature from the Black Blood Shaman, flipping again the red joker. Then ended his activation killing the Corrupted Hound without Lodestone. 

Nekima failed twice to hit the Wokou, but succeeded on hitting the Gunslinger and flipped a Moderate for 5 damage. 

Parker shot Nekima and did some damage. 

The Mature Nephilim charged and killed the Wokou. The Lodestone went to Parker. 

Mad Dog ran up to the center strategy marker. 

The remaining Black Blood Shaman turned into a Mature and attacked the Prospector, leaving him at 3 Wd. Then declared Vendetta. 

The Gunslinger chain ganged Doc Mitchell and charged towards the Corrupted Leyline on my left flank, shooting and killing the Mature Nephilim of Vendetta. 

The Corrupted Hound ran up to the strategy marker on my right flank. 

Doc Mitchell healed a bit the Gunslinger. 

End of turn 3:

Bandits +1 (Research Mission) = 3

Nephilim +2 (Corrupted Leyline, Vendetta) = 3


Turn 4:

The Gunslinger killed Nekima. 

The Corrupted Hound ran up to the center marker, engaging Mad Dog. 

Parker ran and gave the Lodestone to Mad Dog, and failed the shoot to the Mature Nephilim. 

The remaining Mature Nephilim charged Mad Dog, but left him at 3 Wd. 

Mad Dog tried to push the Hound off the central marker, but the Mature had placed smartly and didn't allow it to happen, then killed the Hound and its Lodestone went to the Mature (who also was in base contact with the central marker). 

Sue did a bit of damage to the Mature. 

End of turn 4:

Bandits +1 (Corrupted Leylines) = 4

Nephilim +1 (Corrupted Leylines) = 4


We call it here. My opponent needed to leave and was only left with a wounded Mature and the totem. He couldn't score anymore, and I had ways to score both schemes and the strategy, so very probably a 5-4 for Parker. 


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I wanted to play Hamelin, but when I saw the encounter I wasn't sure how it was gonna perform, and I must admit I change my mind. 

Not gonna happen again. Also want to see how they perform. 



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Why I decided not go with Hamelin? 

Because I usually don't hire mobile crews with him. I mean, Benny, Nix, Obedient Wretch, Winged Plague, Prospector, Effigy and Malifaux Child are not really mobile.

If the Lodestone were on the theorical "scheme runner" of my crew (WP) it wouldn't have been able to fly over the Rats. 

I also was thinking in a crew with no reliance on placing when moving (like Midnight Stalker). And ended deciding to give a try to Bandits, since they're the last crew I purchased and still haven't seen their performance on the table. 


Why I want to see how the Plague Crew performs? 

Because lure is an excellent counter in this strategy, and I want to see how I do when need to arrive to some places in this crew. 

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Yeah, I own And have been playing Freikorps and Mercenary, and finished the Bandit crew while in Covid times, so still haven't played them, but have all the intention to burn the crew in the table. 

So with vassal games, I had the opportunity to try new crews that I didn't own, so I started playing Plague and, when a bit saturated, changed to Tormented to take some fresh air. 

After some games with Daw, I was 100% returning to the Piper, but in the end I took the cowards path and played another crew that was also on my lists (along with Leveticus. ATM Tara and Zipp are the last in the queue). 

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Yeah, I get it . I've been making Viks and Parker  since the beta. I've been playing since 1.5 and have multiple crews in several factions, but life keeps me from playing as much as I like. Thanks for sharing your perspective!

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