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Malifaux Russian Virtual Tournament 29/05

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Friends! Enough tolerating this. It's time to shuffle the dacks, even if they are virtual.
May 29-31, I plan to hold a major virtual Malifaux tournament!

📍 Location: Your home
🥇 Prizes - The size of the prize pool will depend on the number of participants. Different limits and more solid prizes (avatars, Hanged Trees) can fall into the prize pool. If desired, prizes will be sent immediately to the winners - quarantine is not a hindrance to us!

Format - 50 Soul Stones, 3 rounds
Henchman - Arseny Nathillien

📋 The tournament will be held according to the rules of the third edition of Malifaux. GG1, using the latest current errata from WYRD.

- 3 tours, one per day - Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Players have the right to choose for themselves with which system it is more convenient for them to play a game - Vassal or Table Top Simulator (links to current systems will be at the end of the post).

- The player declares one faction for the tournament and can only play it
- Dead man’s hand is only allowed as the sole master. You cannot take masters from DMH to others (second or third), as well as other masters to DMH. The ONE and ONLY!
- The current release version of the rules from Wyrd is used.
- Schemes and strategies are generated in advance, the definition of the attacker and the defender occurs directly at the beginning of the game
- Players play the full game in 5 moves, but can agree on the results of the game, if the result is obvious to both before the end of the 5th move.
- In the case of an odd number of players, the judge acts as a proxy player


First round: Friday 29nd (the judge must have the results before 00.00)
Second round: Saturday 30rd (the judge must have the results before 00.00)
Third round: Sunday 31 (the judge must have the results before 00.00)
Rewarding: On Monday, the winners and results of the tournament will be announced.


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