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New Releases, Special Orders, and LGS Promotions, Oh My!

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On 5/22/2020 at 10:48 AM, LordZombie said:

Does the $75 have to be all in one transaction or can it be multiple as long as it adds up to $75?

Don't quote me but I believe it could be in multiple in the past.

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On 5/21/2020 at 2:08 PM, ShinChan said:

@Nathan Caroland Regarding the Canadian situation...

Maybe is too much to ask, but would be nice if you could tell us if we should keep our money in our pockets for a bit longer, hoping to support our LGS in the near future, of if we should start trying to find Wyrd product somewhere else.

At least, to the henchmen, so we could talk directly to the local stores and keep our playerbase interested. The current global pandemic doesn't help, but having no news for the past 4 months (almost) is really killing the game.

All my local henchmen have all but quit :( I have done my best to drive games since M3E started and was just getting the ball moving again then things got locked down. The scene really needs tournaments to drive a local scene. Guess I might just have to do it myself. It seems like my local store gets the odd thing and my online crack dealer seems to get things but usually well after release. The Canadian malifaux scene really needs a bump to get moving again.

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The Covid-19 situation, alongside the M3E release and previous shipping and supply struggles, have devastated just about every gaming system, hell most businesses. I don't doubt that almost everywhere will require a giant kick start, I know that the last months in my home, Sydney, has probably seen only a handful of physical games and not much more firtual, I have not approached virtual gaming of any sort really. 

So here is hoping that folks that love this game emerge from isolation and work to revive a hobby we enjoy.  

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