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With my state still under 'strict' quarantine orders for at least another several weeks I've been leaning towards more HH format games since the games take longer for me on Vassal. I was considering a couple different crews in HH. I'm still quite new and not familiar with all the rule differences, but like the idea that I could actually finish a game instead of fumbling through 2-3 turns of a 50ss vassal game before my wife yells at me not to wake the whole house up 🙂. Plus will give me a chance to get more models on the table and see them in action.

Was looking at a couple different crews:

Family: Fransisco, Santiago, Nino, and Guild Steward/Monster Hunter

Guard: Taggart, Executioner, Rifleman/Sergeant, Steward

Guard: Taggart, Executioner, Rifleman x 2 potentially?

Asylum: Grimwell, Nurse Heartsbane, 2x Nurse


Any suggestions/feedback?

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Copy of Agent 46 HH (Guild)
Size: 30 - Pool: 0
  Agent 46
  Guild Lawyer
I tried this one to good luck. Got extra mileage out of Doppleganger mimic killing Vincent getting around his hard to kill with his own crossbow. 

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