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Wholesome on a Tuesday

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How do you define wholesome?

I'd generally give the system a PG rating, possibly a 15. There is a lot of violence in the system, and everyone is not really a good guy. Torture and exhortation are fairly common. There is very little sexual content written in the lore (although some is implied).

The main story line can be got from the breechside broadcast podcast (Its worked through all the first edition and most of the second edition stories).  Some of the stories introduce characters that have never been made into models, but every character that has a model has a plastic model.

There is also the Chronicles magazine (which they have just started reading the stories from). Its free to download the magazine from drive thru RPG. The stories in these are more likely to contain characters that don't exist in the game, as they are more background to the world, but it does use the main characters. For example, if I remember correctly it has the story of Lucius discovering that McMorning was a Reserectionist and using it to make him work for the guild to explain why he became duel faction in M2E. That is a fun story, but does involve McMornign and Sebastian killing members of the guild, and then raising them as zombies and trying to make them still seem alive.


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