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Rediscovering TTB pt 2 - Duels with Rank0 skills?

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I think I've seen this question addressed before in the distant past but, if so, I couldn't find it.

What's your take on letting Fated make skill duels on skills for which they have a rank of 0? The rule mechanics don't seem to differentiate between, for example, rank0+aspect3 and rank3+aspect0. The table on the page for each skill gives examples of what the different ranks in that skill allow the fated to typically perform. Do you use that to limit what the fated can attempt? Can somebody with a rank of 1 in Doctor attempt complex surgery, and just hope that their Intellect aspect will make up for their low rank?

What about fated with a rank of 0 - should they even be allowed to attempt the duel? It feels like they ought to maybe get a penalty on either their duel (a -ve flip?) or the price of failure should be higher. Fir example, sure I could try and remove that bullet lodged in your thigh, and with a bit of luck I might make a good job of it, but if I don't really know what I'm doing then failure might mean that I hit an artery and you start to bleed out.


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I assume real life surgeons hit arteries by mistake sometimes!

But even so the game isn't a real life simulator, you could choose to apply you own house rules to try to make this more realistic, but then are you going to apply that to every situation? My personal take is it's probably more enjoyable to just roll with it.

Should one of the planets most intelligent people (say stat 4 or 5) be worse at something than an generally low intellect (0 or lower int) person with lots of training (rank4/5)?

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I seem to recall 1st edition having a rule about not being allowed to cheat without a rank in a skill, and that restriction leading to the obvious player behavior of maxing out the number of rank one skills someone has.

I think the more important thing to remember is that the averages aspect is 0.

Probably those skill charts should be rescaled as 1 to 8 or so charts, where a not untalented or talented (0 aspect) person has to do more work to achieve what a talented (3+ aspect) person can do easily.

And that’s before you get into the difference in what the Fated can do (average 7, but possibly a 13 or 14) compared to someone stuck with their station value can do.


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