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Malifaux Vassal Charity Event Sign Up Thread

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Hi all 

over the weekend of the 8th, 9th and 10th of may i'll be hosting a 5 round charity event over vassal for m3e 

this will be a fixed faction single master (no hiring multiple masters, not fixed master) event with entry fees going to charity

minimum entry donation will be £5 but please feel free to donate more if able. if you could post a screenshot of your confirmation post here along with your faction and time zone that would be great. 


timings for rounds will be as follows (all times BST/GMT+1)

Round 1 All day Friday 

Round 2 Saturday 00:30 to 12:00 lunch time

Round 3 12:30pm till midnight

Round 4 Sunday 00:30 to 12:00 lunch time

Round 5 12:30pm till midnight

I'm hopping this will mean a variety of time zones will be taking part 

donations from non players will be allowed and if anyone would be willing to stream games of this event and be willing to share the just giving page that would be amazing

Donation link here




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so in addition I've already potentially got one streamer lined up for this, and prize support available as well so more reasons to take p

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hi all, unfortunatly due to lack of intrest this wont be happening 


future vassal event details (namely the vassal world cup) will be going up in the next week or two

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