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Hello from Australia


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Hi everyone

New to registering, don't often post anything, I'm relatively new to Malifaux with two games under the belt and twice that many crews.

Made the switch recently after not being able to find a replacement fantasy game until I tried Malifaux and well, here I am. Currently I'm favouring Arcanists and Neverborn though I'm not sure which faction/s to flesh out fully.

Also, where can I find information on the setting and denizens of Malifaux?




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There are several places to find out about the settings. You can obviously get the source books for the stories. They have turned the books into a podcast so you can listen to them. (It currently part way through the second edition books) -

The Main page has links to a short blurb about each of the masters.


You can also look at the source books for the other games. Through The Breech, the role play game will have  a lot of background information. The Other Side is set on Earth at a similar time to Malifaux

There is also the free magazine - Chronicles, that you can down load from Drive through RPG. They haven't released an issue for over a year, but there is quite  a big back catalog. The most recent is here


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