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2020 Monthly Painting Challenge - May

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Titania box set finished. On to the Howling and the Alt Killjoy. I may save Pandora for next month, I'm seriously approaching painting burnout.

Caedrus, reporting in! What did I paint in May? First up, an experiment – Proxy Illuminated. I have the original sculpts, but they don’t look right, lore-wise, and they’re just … not my thin

Caedrus, reporting in! Greetings everyone. I hope all of you are safe, sane and well in this crazy time. I've been madly busy of late (COVID means, I think, either being crazily busy or tota

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Oof I tried.. got a couple of Katashiro done.. I'll put em up soon.. but yeah gonna have to claim first mulligan..

This month has been a weird whirlwind of trying to figure out social media and trying to get my stuff out there.. it's very exhausting and time consuming and I'm sadly not sure it's working...


Some amazing paint jobs as always from the people managing to stay at it! Super impressive.

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On 5/24/2020 at 5:10 PM, Stranglelove said:

@Sol_Sorrowsong Awesome work, especially Ashes and Dust. For Imgur, copy and paste the Direct Link of the image into the comment form and it should auto-fill.

Thanks for the suggestion and praise. I really like the pink in your bases and the sword on Silent Knight, very cool!

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@lusciousmccabe That is the sickest color scheme I've seen in a while. Both in the sense that it looks vile/gross and also it's cool as hell.

@Caedrus I finished the Sonnia box for 41ss. I was initially thinking it was like 25, but I always forget masters and totems have a cost.

These feel a little half-assed, but also I'm an Arcanist and only got this box because it was free, so I feel morally justified in not having colored the Stalkers' pouches and such.


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Managed to get the main man done in time. I've still the bases to do but thought I might as well do all of my Wastrel bases in one go. Here we are: Lucas McCabe, Relic Hunter and his identical twin brother Lucas McCabe, Dismounted Hunter. Pretty happy with McCabe himself although I'm not convinced by how those blues look in contrast with the horse. Hopefully the base will tie it all together nicely. I'm not sure if to count this as 15ss or 30ss (2 x 15ss).



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Hello @Caedrus, hello everybody,

I can consider closed my monthy pledge. I completed the three level noble house with terrace, I posted some weeks ago. Looking to other scenics I completed in the past it should be worth 30 ss.

This month a dedicated a lot of time to the Church and the Tower. As regard there's till a lot of details to work out to completion so that will be matter for next pledge.

Congras to everybody: I saw a lot of spectacular models and admired your experimentation of new techniques.

We are going out of many restrictions with Covid. It's a time to be carefull and caring health and safety of you all and peoples you love.

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@Viruk, you produced a lot of medels; aracnids are wonderful and your achivement with Serum was great-

@Stranglelove, great job with Titania crew. Those minis look challnging and fragile to work.

@Caedrus, The Nothing paint scheme is very inspiring. You mastered blue shades with it and many other models you painted.

@catsgamesandpizza, love a lot your Pistoleros de Latigo. Alot of details and a striking palette.

@Diddick, your Jarogumos look perfect. Pictures are superb. Congrats.

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@Caedrus Unfortunately I didn't finish all I said I would do, but 2 out of the 3 remaining isn't bad at all, especially as Lilith is 95% complete.
So here there are; Barbaros and the Cherub for a total of 9 + 2 = 11 SS. I still nee to base Barbaros, but that's a small job. Cherub will wait until I can get my hands on a small transparent plastic rod.

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