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Zeburgh, forgotten neighborhood in the quarantine zone

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A Step by step of one of my terrain pieces. 



First, some pieces of DM glued together and a bit of hand cutting work. 




Resources to work with. 



Inner door. 



With a little detail added. 



The main door. 



The corners and cornices. 

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This is the material for the walls. 



This for the stones of the roof. 



The roof finishes. Also added some small magnets in case I want to add some dead trees or bushes. 



The inner door painted. 



And the entrance to the metro station finished. 

I know there's no metro in the actual Malifaux, but it's original habitants were very advanced, and it's perfectly possible to have a lost metro complex under the city. 

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I've already made a "small" Building (9" Side, 3" Height) and I'm doing a ruined one (a bit bigger) to act as pseudo-forest (ground level is severe, concealment, dense, and some pieces of elevated upper floor). 

I'll make some more photos. 

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