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Hiring Daydream(s) Out-of-Keyword

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Honestly not really.  They do four things in nightmare.  Move Nightmares, tank shots for Dreamers protected, lucid dreams, and carry Ancient Pact.

The first two things are not really a factor in non-nightmare crews.  Four stones for a 3 inch push machine for the one ore two nightmares you might bring OOK is expensive.

Lucid dreams is also more or less a non-factor because the key thing about lucid dreams is how many times you can make it work, and more importantly, if you can bring high cards back in via stitched.  There are better nightmares to bring OOK for this. 

Carrying Ancient Pact is a thing but at that point your paying 6 stones for a 3hp insignificant upgrade carrier.  Very cost inefficient, and every NVB crew has access to the wicked doll for 1 stone cheaper with more versatility.

In a nutshell, no there's no reason to hire them OOK unless you have Dreamer as a 2nd master, and then having one as an option to keep around for protected is possibly an option.  

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I took one of them in a kind of crazy hinamatsu list:

Hinamatsu, effigy, vasilisa, coryphee duet , 3x stiched, daydream + AP

so I took him in a puppet-list, that could use the add. 3" movement and lucid dream quite well. With the help of vasilisa I managed to LD 5 times a turn...  

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