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WTB [LOTR] metal


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Hello guys! 
I'm looking some miniatures for my LOTR. I know that my be long shot, but I'll try.
If you have or know where to find fo reasonable price - fell free to PM me.

- Witch-king on the fell beast (old one)
- pack of Gandalf and Bilbo

- Nazgul The Tainted 
- Box Guardians of the Shire
- Box Fog on the barrow-downs
- box the fall of the witch king
- the moth of Sauron
- vanquishers of the Necromancer 
- battering ram of uruk-hai

Source books:
battle for pelennor fields
fall of the necromancer
Shadow and flame
siege of gondor
gondor in flames
khazad dum
the scouring of the shire
a shadow in the east
the ruin of arnor


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