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Resurrectionists Faction Hobby

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Just got into Malifaux but wanted to throw some WIP posts here to help with the motivation.

Standard graveyard style bases by Micro Art Studio. Coming over from GW I have to say that while I generally like the style of the models the assembly of Malifaux models is really grinding me. So many fiddly pieces for someone with sausage fingers lol. I picked up an emmisary 2nd-hand and promptly broke off the skull thing so subbed in another scythe from GW nurgle bits.

Will add posts periodically as I make progress. Any feedback is welcome. Have a great day!


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Welcome to Malifaux! and more importantly welcome to the Resurrectionists :) 

You'll get used to the fiddly bits, some are worse than others. In Ressers I think the worst culprits are Goryo, Night Terrors and Doxies from what I remember so maybe avoid those until your more comfortable with fiddly builds.

Looking forward to seeing your pics

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I consolidated the photos in this post. All painted in the past 5-6 weeks! Current state of the faction. Revenant, Redchapel, and Experimental predominately with some versatile added in. I have the ancestor/retainer on the painting table now as well as the rest of revenant (wanyudo, lampads)





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